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Direct Mail Using USPS Holiday Stamps

Direct Mail Using USPS Holiday Stamps

Now is the time to make sure you are using USPS Holiday Stamps for your direct mail marketing campaigns.

USPS Holiday Stamps
Direct Mail holiday Stamps

It’s the festive time of year and our customers expect a little festive addition to our mailing campaigns.

You will need quality data for your direct mail lists to ensure you get the best ROI.

Data Quality For Your Direct Mail Lists

Make sure you regularly update your own data and if necessary get a fresh direct mail list. This will improve deliverability. If you want to know how to clean your data we have a few tips for you

New additions to the USPS Forever Stamps Collection are now available.

Direct Mail Holiday Stamps
Direct Mail Holiday Stamps







Tips on How To Design A Marketing piece For Direct Mail With Attitude

The Holidays are busy enough without having to stress over how to make our marketing pieces targeted towards only those who are likely to respond to our message, how to comply with USPS postal regulations, how to get the best postal rate and last but not least how to better guarantee that the recipient of the marketing piece will respond.

We have a few marketing ideas which just may relieve the tension.

No time to do the prep? We can also help you print and mail your marketing campaign. How easy is that?

Mailing Lists Of People With Home Based Businesses

Get Mailing lists of people with home based businesses.

Want to find people who like to or have to make money from home with their home based businesses?

work from home

Here’s how to build mailing lists of people with home bases businesses:

  1. Build a mailing list by selecting the consumer/residential database.
  2. Choose the geographic area you want to target.
  3. Choose “Opportunity Seekers” to find people most likely to respond to a home based business opportunity.

Opportunity Seekers are people who are interested in business and/or money-making opportunities.

They have purchased magazines, products or services categorized as Opportunity Seekers more than 5 times.

Don’t forget to focus on your marketing design for the best return on investment.

An eye-popping design and a great call to action will give you a better response rate to your direct mail campaign.

Let LeadsPlease help you with your direct mail marketing needs.

Call us on 866-306-8674

Mailing Lists For Personal Training Trainers Offering Ways To keep Fit

Mailing lists for personal training trainers offering ways to keep fit.

Mailing lists for personal training trainers
Mailing lists for personal training trainers

Are you a Physical Trainer looking to find new clients?

Whether you specialize in exercise for seniors or  children under five we can help you build mailing lists for direct mail marketing.

  • Choose your geographic area with either a radius search around your studio address or select specific counties, cities, zip codes or states.
  • Select and target individuals from a comprehensive selection of demographics.
  • Design the perfect mail piece and target only the people most likely to respond to your message.

The benefits of regular exercise are manifold.

Share the gift of teaching a healthier lifestyle.

Mailing List of Houses With Swimming Pools

roof top swimming pool

Are you looking for a mailing list of houses with swimming pools?

Are you a service or supply company looking for new customers in your area?

Finding homes with swimming pools in your area is quick and easy.

First build your perfect customer profile.

Then target those perfect customers  in your area using demographic selects like homeowner, income, swimming pool.

eprintwerx_screen_shot_030 2013-01-09, 16_28_59How To Get Your Mailing List Printed On Your Mail Piece.

  • You can get your local mail shop to print the names and addresses directly onto the mail piece and add a postal indicia. Simply email them the excel spreadsheet.
  • If you have already had your mail piece printed and prefer to mail them yourself, you may want to print the names and addresses on peel and stick labels. We recommend using Avery 5160 peel and stick labels or any generic version which has 30 labels on a sheet.
  • Don’t forget to add a call to action like ” 10% discount on all swimming pool supplies while stocks last” or “first swimming pool service call free”.

Mailing List Edits How To Change The Case Text In Excel

Mailing List edits how to change the case text in excel.

LEADSPLEASE  mailing lists are available for instant download in Excel (CSV file format).

You will need to be able to format your lists in ways that make sense for your marketing plans for example: If you are an insurance agent mailing to people who are aging into medicare it will make sense to sort your list by birth month. This allows you to mail out in batches for each month easily according to your budget and also to keep a careful track of your responses.

Sometimes customers also need to know how to change the case text for mail merge.

Excel is very user friendly and can be sorted in a variety of ways but if you need to know how to edit the case text in Excel the Microsoft support website is the place to go!

LeadsPlease can help you format your list for printed labels and can help you sort your list by for example zip code, state, birth month and so on.

Get your mailing list formatted for printing your own labels.

Mailing Lists For Dance Classes With

Mailing Lists for dance classes with

It is easy to build a targeted mailing list with LeadsPlease for Dance Classes. Here’s how:

  • Select the Consumer/Residential database.
  • Choose the geographic area you want to target. Tip: the radius search makes it easy to target people close to you.
  • Choose presence of children to find families with children in the age range you teach.
  • Choose age to find adults in the age range you teach.
  • Select income to make sure people can afford your dance classes.
Mailing Lists For Dance Classes
Mailing Lists For Dance Classes


Need help designing and mailing a direct mail campaign?

Addressing Mail Piece for Direct Mail Campaign

Addressing mail piece for direct mail campaign.

The dilemma…to add “or current resident” or “or current occupant” to your direct mail piece …or not?

When you add “or current resident” under the name of the person you are mailing to you will allow the USPS to leave that mail piece at the address even if the person to whom it is addressed has moved.

Addressing Mail Piece For Direct Mail
Addressing Mail Piece For Direct Mail

The plus here is that your message still gets to someone at that address and the print & mailing costs are not wasted because the USPS has not returned the mail piece to the sender.

A Pizza Delivery Service giving a “buy one, get one free” offer may find this a perfectly acceptable marketing strategy because anyone in that household may respond to their offer.

The downside needs thinking about.

A cosmetic company for example offering a free consultation/sample of moisturizer for a mature skin will want to make sure that only females 50+ with income of 175+ are targeted as they are most likely to respond to their special personal offer.

Once you add “or current resident” your mail piece is no longer personal to the recipient.

You can no longer be sure that your targeted demographics will apply to the person at the address.

You cannot know which names have moved and you cannot update your customer list.

Your customer list is downgraded in terms of quality.

As a good quality customer list accounts for 50% of the success of a direct mail campaign, it pays to update & maintain it.

Need ideas?

It also pays to use a quality list vendor

Targeted Marketing & Database Management Drives Sales

Targeted marketing & database management drives sales.

Targeted Marketing
Targeted Marketing

Managing, updating & analyzing  your data  is well worth the effort.

It helps us target the customers who are most likely to respond to the services we offer and helps us decide which of the marketing tools will be most effective.

From Direct Mail  to Facebook  the message is the same.

  • Know what you are offering your customers.
  • Make your content relevant and personal to your targeted audience.
  • Collect targeted information from your customers.
  • Analyse & segment your data  for cross-platform application.
  • Tailor your data not only to the customers you need to reach but to the tools that will carry your marketing message.

Great article from Direct Marketing News

Non Profit USPS Postal Discounts

Non profit USPS postal discounts.

If you are a ‘Not For Profit Non Profit Organization’ you can apply to the USPS for a special postal rate.

Apply for this non profit postal discount using the USPS  “Application to Mail at Non Profit Standard Mail Prices”

Start saving on postal rates for all direct mailing.

Don’t forget that a good quality, reliable mailing list is essential for curbing wastage.

LeadsPlease gets a completely fresh database every 30 days.

Fundraising For Not For Profits within the FTC Rules

Fundraising for not for profitsFundraising for not for profits within the FTC Rules

  • Tips to help not for profits keep within the FTC rules.
  • Tips for online fundraising
  • If you are a ‘Not For Profit Non Profit Organization’ you can apply to the USPS for a special postal rate. You can apply for this non profit postal discount using the USPS  “Application to Mail at Non Profit Standard Mail Prices” and start saving on postal rates for all direct mailing.

  • Call Leadsplease for a Not For Profit Discount for email and direct mail marketing +1 866 306 8674