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How To Save Money On Direct Mail



Don’t waste money mailing to people who are not your target audience. For example: You may be a medicare/retirement insurance agent looking for new prospects therefore get a mailing list that targets people turning 65.


Clean and update your mailing lists regularly. Save money by removing from your database any mail pieces with names and addresses that have been returned to sender by the USPS.


Where possible also add “Or Current Resident” under the name of the recipient which ensures that the USPS leaves your mail piece at that address. Improve the response rate by vigorously maintaining a database of current customers.


Take advantage of the savings offered by the USPS for presorted mail. Use a bulk mail permit, print a bar code and make sure your mail piece is USPS compliant for their automated sorting procedures.


  1. Standard Mail. The USPS has super cheap rates for Standard Mail. This mail can take 2-3 weeks to be delivered. A great cost saving choice if your mail piece is not time critical. Schedule your marketing campaign to make allowance for the time it takes to get to the recipient thereby making significant savings on the postage.
  2. First Class Mail. Best suited to mail pieces with a time critical “call to action”. For example:”10% discount only through May “


  • Significant savings can be found in the cost of printing and mailing different sized mail pieces and also in the paper quality you choose. The USPS uses machinery to read the bar codes, indicia and address blocks. It may be a false economy to choose cheap light weight paper that the machinery crumples or creases.
  • A 6 “x 4″ postcard is the most economical postcard size to print and mail First Class. An 8.5 ” x 7″ postcard it will be more expensive to print and mail but you do have the option of mailing Standard Mail which is very economical. Designing your postcard around the size is very important. The USPS has requirements for position and space needed for the Indicia or stamp, the address block and the bar code.


Add a “Call to action” to your mail piece because that encourages the targeted recipient to respond in a timely manner. Increase your response rate by offering a generous discount or “buy one get one for free”, which has a deadline take up date, for example “25% discount for one week only”.


The USPS has very specific mail piece design requirements to enable you to get your mail processed quickly and efficiently.

Research your direct mail designs and track which ones have the best ROI.


  • Use clean accurate data.
  • Target your ideal customers.
  • Design a USPS compliant mail piece.
  • Add a “Call To Action”.
  • Mail at the best postal rate.
  • Track the response.

How to Save Money On Direct Mail FAQs

[Q]What is the advantage of adding ‘Or Current Resident’ to the address block?[A]Less wastage because the USPS has to leave that mail piece at the designated address.

[Q]Does it save money to print the postcard and the address and indicia all at the same time?[A]Yes it does because the printer can process the entire print run in one go and by adding an indicia the printer gets the best postal rate by presorting the mail pieces for the USPS.

[Q]What is a call to action and why should I have one?[A]A call to action gives the recipient a time frame in which to respond to a compelling offer. For example: Bring in this postcard to receive a free smoothie. It gives the recipient a compelling reason to engage.

Direct Mail and Email Marketing made easy

Make direct mail and email marketing  part of 21st century marketing!

We all try to compare email marketing with direct mail marketing but here is the problem : engaging in a one step approach where we blast an email to our customers now and again is not enough to engage them.

Direct mail and email marketing
Direct mail and email marketing made easy

Work at combining the best direct mail marketing practices with the best email marketing practices because by regularly reaching out to your customer base they will think of you first when they need the services you offer.

Direct Mail And Email Marketing Made Easy
Tips For Direct Mail Marketing
  • Be creative because an interesting  mail piece design will encourage a second look.
  •  Accurate regularly updated direct mail and email lists are essential to a successful direct mail-email marketing campaign.
  • Hand stamp because it will make your make piece stand out from the rest. There are plenty of options from the USPS.
  • Keep the approach personal. Hand write because if someone thinks they are part of a mass mailing effort they may think twice about opening and reading your mail piece.
  • Be targeted. A mail piece that someone holds onto should be relevant to their needs/interests. For example: Only someone turning 65 will be interested in receiving news about seminars on how to apply for medicare or what the benefits of medicare insurance are.
  • Be colorful. A mail piece that is opened or read needs to stand out.

Backup With Email

Tips For Email Marketing
  • Use Best Practices for email marketing.
  • Keep your email contacts updated.
  • More than 54% of emails that are opened will be opened on a mobile phone.
  • Make it easy for your users to connect with social media by having social media icons in the email.
  • Make sure your subject line is punchy and relevant to content.
  • Only email when you have something real to offer and make sure the recipient knows what you have to offer in the email subject line.
  • Design landing pages that relate to the email content so that users are taken to a page that they will relate to and move forward.
  • Use email to back up your direct mail campaign. For example email a coupon code for use on your website or to bring into your store.
  • Email customer to remind them that the coupon code is expiring.
  • Keep personal and use the customer’s name.
  • Give your customer a reason to keep coming back to your website.
  • Be CAN_SPAM compliant.

Direct Mail And Email Marketing Made Easy FAQs

[Q]What is an opt in email list?[A]This is an organically gathered email list where people who know you have agreed to receive emails from you.

[Q]Why is an opt in email list different from an email list I bought on the internet?[A]These people won’t know you, did not agree to have you email them and will be less likely to respond. Also ISPs may close your account if they see masses of unsolicited emails being sent out. Be CAN-SPAM compliant.

[Q]Are recipients more likely to open mail if it is personally addressed?[A]Yes they are. Be targeted and be personal.

Direct Mail Using USPS Holiday Stamps

Direct Mail Using USPS Holiday Stamps

Now is the time to make sure you are using USPS Holiday Stamps for your direct mail marketing campaigns.

USPS Holiday Stamps
Direct Mail holiday Stamps

It’s the festive time of year and our customers expect a little festive addition to our mailing campaigns.

You will need quality data for your direct mail lists to ensure you get the best ROI.

Data Quality For Your Direct Mail Lists

Make sure you regularly update your own data and if necessary get a fresh direct mail list. This will improve deliverability. If you want to know how to clean your data we have a few tips for you

New additions to the USPS Forever Stamps Collection are now available.

Direct Mail Holiday Stamps
Direct Mail Holiday Stamps







Tips on How To Design A Marketing piece For Direct Mail With Attitude

The Holidays are busy enough without having to stress over how to make our marketing pieces targeted towards only those who are likely to respond to our message, how to comply with USPS postal regulations, how to get the best postal rate and last but not least how to better guarantee that the recipient of the marketing piece will respond.

We have a few marketing ideas which just may relieve the tension.

No time to do the prep? We can also help you print and mail your marketing campaign. How easy is that?

Mailing Lists Of People With Home Based Businesses

Get Mailing lists of people with home based businesses.

Want to find people who like to or have to make money from home with their home based businesses?

work from home

Here’s how to build mailing lists of people with home bases businesses:

  1. Build a mailing list by selecting the consumer/residential database.
  2. Choose the geographic area you want to target.
  3. Choose “Opportunity Seekers” to find people most likely to respond to a home based business opportunity.

Opportunity Seekers are people who are interested in business and/or money-making opportunities.

They have purchased magazines, products or services categorized as Opportunity Seekers more than 5 times.

Don’t forget to focus on your marketing design for the best return on investment.

An eye-popping design and a great call to action will give you a better response rate to your direct mail campaign.

Let LeadsPlease help you with your direct mail marketing needs.

Call us on 866-306-8674

Mailing Lists For Employment/ Recruitment Agencies

Mailing lists for employment/recruitment agencies.

Whether you offer temporary or seasonal employment opportunities or permanent employment opportunities,

We can help you with your recruitment campaigns to keep your books filled with the brightest and best candidates.

Mailing Lists For Employment Recruitment Agencies
Mailing Lists For Employment Recruitment Agencies

The Specialty List Department at LeadsPlease has a free service to help you build the specialty lists that best meets your requirements

and the requirements of the companies you serve.

Perfect for Employment/Recruitment Agencies looking for people with specific qualifications and experience.

Simply complete the Specialty List Request Form on our website to get started.

We can also help you print and mail your marketing campaigns.

Do you have the Essential Skills of HR Management?

Mailing Lists For Personal Training Trainers Offering Ways To keep Fit

Mailing lists for personal training trainers offering ways to keep fit.

Mailing lists for personal training trainers
Mailing lists for personal training trainers

Are you a Physical Trainer looking to find new clients?

Whether you specialize in exercise for seniors or  children under five we can help you build mailing lists for direct mail marketing.

  • Choose your geographic area with either a radius search around your studio address or select specific counties, cities, zip codes or states.
  • Select and target individuals from a comprehensive selection of demographics.
  • Design the perfect mail piece and target only the people most likely to respond to your message.

The benefits of regular exercise are manifold.

Share the gift of teaching a healthier lifestyle.

Mailing List of Houses With Swimming Pools

roof top swimming pool

Are you looking for a mailing list of houses with swimming pools?

Are you a service or supply company looking for new customers in your area?

Finding homes with swimming pools in your area is quick and easy.

First build your perfect customer profile.

Then target those perfect customers  in your area using demographic selects like homeowner, income, swimming pool.

eprintwerx_screen_shot_030 2013-01-09, 16_28_59How To Get Your Mailing List Printed On Your Mail Piece.

  • You can get your local mail shop to print the names and addresses directly onto the mail piece and add a postal indicia. Simply email them the excel spreadsheet.
  • If you have already had your mail piece printed and prefer to mail them yourself, you may want to print the names and addresses on peel and stick labels. We recommend using Avery 5160 peel and stick labels or any generic version which has 30 labels on a sheet.
  • Don’t forget to add a call to action like ” 10% discount on all swimming pool supplies while stocks last” or “first swimming pool service call free”.

Direct Mail Marketing Campaign For New Businesses

 Direct mail marketing campaign for new businesses.

Direct mail marketing for new businesses
Direct mail marketing for new businesses
  • Know your customer, then create your own ‘perfect’ customer profile.
  • Use this profile to build a targeted mailing list and find more ideal customers.
  • Choose a mail piece with an eye-catching design and a great ‘call to action’
  • Make sure that prospective customers have a really good reason to come to you for the services you provide.
  • Target geographic areas where you know you will more likely find your ‘perfect customer’.

For example:

If you are a pizza restaurant. You probably want to target families with children living in a 5 mile radius of your restaurant or

If you are a lawn service you may want to only service certain zip codes which have mostly single family homes or you may want to choose the radius search to you make sure your customers are in easy driving distance.

  • Make sure you correctly address your mail piece.
  • Missing out the second address line (Apartment/Suite Number) or not positioning the address block correctly will be costly.
  • Maintain and update your mailing lists.
  • Make sure you know who your real customers are.

This will be your most valuable asset!

Mailing List Edits How To Change The Case Text In Excel

Mailing List edits how to change the case text in excel.

LEADSPLEASE  mailing lists are available for instant download in Excel (CSV file format).

You will need to be able to format your lists in ways that make sense for your marketing plans for example: If you are an insurance agent mailing to people who are aging into medicare it will make sense to sort your list by birth month. This allows you to mail out in batches for each month easily according to your budget and also to keep a careful track of your responses.

Sometimes customers also need to know how to change the case text for mail merge.

Excel is very user friendly and can be sorted in a variety of ways but if you need to know how to edit the case text in Excel the Microsoft support website is the place to go!

LeadsPlease can help you format your list for printed labels and can help you sort your list by for example zip code, state, birth month and so on.

Get your mailing list formatted for printing your own labels.

Mailing Lists For Families With Children – How To Interpret The Data

We can help you to interpret your mailing list where you ordered data for families with the presence of children.

When you download your mailing list from LeadsPlease you will see that it is in an excel format.

You will see column headings in the CSV file that relate to the “age buckets” you selected.

For example:

AD          AE          AF

C79        C1012   C1315

1Y          5Y          1Y

5N          1Y          5N

5Y          1Y          5U

5N          5U          1Y

1Y          1Y          1Y

1Y          5N          5N

In the above mailing list example, the presence of families with children was selected for 3 “age buckets” 7 to 9 and 10 to 12 and 13 to 15 – years old. Had we chosen additional “age buckets” then those would also be in the CSV file.

For example – the heading “c79” relates to the “age bucket selected “ages 7 to 9 etc.

How to interpret the information:

1Y – Known data – positive confirmation has been received that children are in the household for this “age bucket”

5N – Not likely to have a child in this “age bucket”

5U – Modeled methods indicate as not likely to have a child in this “age bucket”

5Y – Modeled methods indicate as likely to have a child in this “age bucket”

Importantly – you will always have at least “1Y” per row (household) – meaning that there is a child in the home in the “age brackets” you selected.

You can perhaps look at the non-1Y data as being a bonus – additional information should you wish to use that.

Not Sure?