Charity Donor Mailing List

Charity Donor Mailing Lists help nonprofits reach individuals who are likely to make a charitable donation.

Charity Donor Writing A Check to a Nonprofit
Charitable Donors are more likely to donate again, then people who have never donated to charity.

What is a Charity Donor Mailing List?

A Charity Donor Mailing List is a marketing list that includes the Names and Addresses of people who have donated to a charity in the past 12 months.

Get a mailing list of ‘All Charity Donors’ in a particular area, or target Donors who donate to specific types of Charities:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Arts or Cultural
  • Children’s’ Causes
  • Community Causes
  • Environment
  • International Causes
  • Political Causes
  • Conservative Causes
  • Liberal Causes
  • Veterans
  • Other

What types of Businesses can Benefit from purchasing a Charity Donor Mailing List?

Any Nonprofit or Business that is fundraising for a good cause can benefit from purchasing a Charity Donor Mailing List.

People who have donated to Charities in the past, are much more likely to donate again in the future.

Here is a list of Nonprofits who have purchased Charity Donor Mailing Lists from LeadsPlease:

  • Children’s Hospitals
  • Research Societies
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Disaster Relief
  • Blood Banks
  • Political Campaigns
  • Neighborhood Activists/Groups
  • Churches
  • Public/Private Schools
  • Fundraising Charitable Events
  • Animal Rescues
  • Veteran Organizations

How do you know if someone is a Charitable Donor?

If someone has donated to a charitable organization in the past 12 months, it is likely that their Name & Address is in our database.

Charitable Donor information is self-reported, and compiled through online and offline questionnaires, and through purchases and donations.

How accurate are your Charity Donor Mailing Lists?

Our Charity Donor Mailing Lists are 95+% accurate.

Can I get a list of people who have donated to specific charities?

We can help you target people who have donated to specific types of Charities; for example, Animal Welfare, Children’s Causes, Veterans Organizations etc. However, our lists do not include the Name of the specific charity each person donated too.

If you want to get a mailing list of people who donated to a specific charity, you would need to contact that charity directly, to see if they sell their donors’ contact information.

What information is included on a Charity Donor Mailing List?

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Type of Charity Previously Donated To (ex. Children’s Causes, Veterans, etc)
  • Other Demographics if selected (ex. Age, Income etc)

What format does the mailing list come in?

We offer 3 easy-to-use List Formats:

Excel / CSV file

PDF Mailing Label Format (makes it quick and easy for you to print mailing address labels at home or in the office)

Peel & Stick Mailing Labels Shipped to You

Can I see a Sample Mailing List?

Yes! Click below to download a Sample Mailing List in CSV File Format and PDF Mailing Label Format:

LeadsPlease Sample Consumer Mailing List – CSV FileDownload

LeadsPlease Sample Consumer Mailing List – PDF FileDownload

How much does a Mailing List cost?

A Charity Donor Mailing List starts at $99.50 for up to 1,000 leads. The more leads you buy, the cheaper the cost per lead. Please visit our Mailing List Pricing page for more information.

How do I get a Mailing List?

You can purchase your mailing list on our website or with a List Specialist over the phone. On average, it takes about 5 minutes to build and purchase a Mailing List.

Other Helpful Resources

Charity Donor Mailing List FAQs

  • [Q]Can I choose people who donate to specific charities?[A]Yes you can. You can find all the charity donor selects on the demography page of the consumer database.
  • [Q]Can I choose the ‘net worth’ of the charity donors?[A]Yes you can. You can find the ‘net worth’ select on the demography page of the consumer database. ‘Net worth’ is deemed ‘sensitive’ and requires a marketing review.
  • [Q]Can I add other demographic selects to a charity donor mailing list?[A]Yes you can choose as many demographic selects as you wish it makes no difference to the price.
  • [Q]Can we get a ‘Not For profit’ discount for a charity donor mailing list?[A]Yes you can. Please call us on 866-306-8674 and we can help you.