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Buy mailing lists and start building your customer base and increase sales. Accurate, and targeted mail lists provide companies with access to a large pool of potential, new customers who are already segmented based on specific criteria such as demographics, purchasing behavior, or interests.


Buying Mailing Lists

Consumer Mailing Lists

  • Buy online or over the phone.
  • Popular lists include activities, interests, hobbies, age, income, and more.
  • Contact us for offline and specialty lists.
Buy Mailing Lists
List Types

Here’s a list of our most popular online consumer email lists:

Activities / Interests / Hobbies
Adult Age
Age of Home in Years
Apartment Lists
Birth Month
Boat Owners
Canadian Consumers
Car Owners
Cat Owners
Charity Donor
Children – Age
Children – Gender
Credit Rating
Dog Owners
Equity in Home
Free Email Lists
Home Value
Household Income
Interests & Hobbies
Land Acres
Length of Residence

Loan To Value
Marital Status
Medicare (Turning 65 Years Old)
Mental Health Professionals
Motorcycle Owners
Net Worth
New Movers
New Homeowners
Opportunity Seekers
Pet Owners
Phone Numbers
Property Square Footage
Registered Nurses (RN’s)
Senior Citizens
Solar Leads
Swimming Pool
Turning 65 Years Old
Every Door Direct Mail Lists
Voters / Political Affiliation
Weight Loss
Wealth (Net Worth)
Buy Mailing Lists

Business Maililng Lists

  • Purchase by SIC Code, industry, geography, and demographics.
  • Popular lists include all businesses, attorneys, doctors, restaurants, and more.
  • Contact Us  for offline & specialty lists.

You can purchase business lists by SIC Code, industry, geographical area and demographics (ex. Annual Sales, Number of Employees etc)

It’s quick and easy to build a targeted b2b lists and get business mailing lists that are tailored for your business’s marketing and sales needs.

List Types

We offer 100’s of different mailing lists for business. Our most popular Leads for Sale are:

All Businesses
Auto Repair
Business Owners
Car Dealers
Dentist Mailing Lists
Fortune 1000
Freight Forwarder
HR (Human Resources)
Mom & Pop Retail Stores
Non Profits
Nursing Homes
Real Estate
SalesForce Users
Schools & Universities
Software Developers
Solar Leads
Number of Employees
Annual Sales
Years in Business
Location Type
Public Company
Presence of a Contact Name
Home Office
Multiple Contacts per Locations
+1000’s More

New Homeowner Mailing Lists

New Homeowner Mailing Lists help businesses to bolster their outreach efforts and drive significant growth in enrollment, attendance, or sales.

New Mover Mailing Lists

Grow your business, beat your competition, and be first to reach New Movers in your area and turn them into new long-term customers.

Email Addresses

Will my list include Email Addresses?

When buying mailing lists, you can choose to add Email Addresses.

Are your Consumer Email Lists all opt-in?

Yes! All our Consumer Email Lists that are 100% Opt-In.

This means that every person/consumer on your list has agreed to allow marketers to use their email address for marketing purposes.

Marketing Campaign Tips

  • Direct mail campaigns can be enhanced with demographic targeting and high-quality sales leads.
  • Utilize templates and mailing list services for efficient targeted mailing lists and address lists.
  • Engage with your target audience and potential customers through personalized mail pieces.
  • Improve deliverability and response rates with opt-in email lists and accurate contact information.


  • Quality lists are routinely updated for high accuracy.
  • LeadsPlease offers scrubbing, cleaning, and updating of data from various data sources for the best quality.
  • Voted Best List Broker Service by for 4 years.


Costs vary by list type and quantity. For a more detailed Pricing breakdown, please visit our Email List Pricing page.

List TypeMinimum # Leads / EmailsCost per LeadMinimum Cost
New Homeowners1-250$0.50$125
New Movers1-250$0.50$125


What Are the Usage Terms? How Many Times Can You Use the Mailing List?

Usage terms vary: one-time, two-time, or unlimited use.

Can I get a list of new businesses?

Yes! New business lists include the contact information for businesses that are less than 1 year old. These are available online and by request.

If I purchase a list, does that mean I own it?

You can choose to purchase a 1x Usage List, or pay a small additional fee for a Multiple Usage License. This means that you own lists, and can mail to the list as many times as you like.

What Extra Information Comes with Your Mailing List?

Add extra demographic information at no additional cost with LeadsPlease.

Demographic Information

At LeadsPlease, we don’t charge you anything extra for adding demographic criteria to your list. (Ex. Household Income, Gender, Martial Status, Renters, Homeowners, Carrier Routes etc. )

Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers are normally always included with the contact information on Business Lists, but you may want to double check this before you buy a List.

Phone Numbers are generally not included with Consumer Mailing Lists, unless you specifically ask for them. For more information, or to buy a Consumer Mailing List with Phone Numbers, please visit our Phone Number page.

What format does the list come in?

LeadsPlease offers 3 Easy-to-Use List Formats:

  1. CSV File Spreadsheet
  2. PDF Mailing Label Format (for printing on Avery 5160 Labels)
  3. Printed Peel & Stick Mailing Labels

Can you help me print and mail my mailers?

Yes! We offer full service Direct Mail services and can print and mail your mailers for you! Please visit our Direct Mail page for more information and pricing.

What deliverability can I expect from direct mail marketing?

Deliverability depends on various factors; visit our Data Quality page for more information.

What format does the List come in?

LeadsPlease Mailing Lists are downloaded in an excel or .csv file format that is compatible with most programs.

How do I get more subscribers?

Use direct mail and email marketing to quickly and affordably grow your subscriber base.



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