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About Free Email Lists

Free email lists can help grow your business without any cost. This article provides tips on where to find free email lists and email addresses online. Our team of List Experts has compiled valuable tips for you.

But if you don’t have time to build your own free email lists, you can always purchase email lists online. We’ve got some suggestions for where to Buy Email Lists online too.

12 Quick Ways to Build a Free Email List

You can build a free mailing list in a number of ways:

  1. LeadsPlease
  3. Seamless.AI
  4. Spokeo
  5. White Pages
  6. Yellow Pages
  7. Referrals
  8. LinkedIn
  9. FaceBook
  10. Landing Pages
  11. Pop-Up Forms

Accurate mailing lists are essential for successful marketing campaigns. An accurate free mailing list can help gain new customers and boost sales.


LeadsPlease Free Email Lists
LeadsPlease Free Email Lists

LeadsPlease was voted the Best Overall List Broker by for the last 4 years in a row! We’ve been in the data industry for 20+ years, and offer over 70+ million validated emails. All Consumer Email Addresses are 100% Opt-in and 90+% Accurate, leading to more conversions.

How to get free email lists with LeadsPlease:
  • Fill out the Contact Us form on our website.
  • Describe the email list you need.
  • We’ll search and build a free email list for you.
  • Receive your free email list within 24 business hours. is a B2B sales leads platform that finds email addresses by scraping the internet.

How to get free email lists with

  • Enter a domain or company name on their homepage.
  • Click ‘find email addresses’ to get results.

If you don’t know what companies to search for, you might want to try using a different tool like LeadsPlease Business Email Lists.


Seamless.AI is a B2B sales leads platform that offers a free trial with 50 credits and a free Chrome extension.


Spokeo allows you to search for people by name, email, address, or phone number.

White Pages

Compile your own free mailing list using white page directories online.

How to get free email lists with White Pages

A few popular white page directories are:

Yellow Pages

Use yellow page directories to compile a free business mailing list.


Referrals from current customers can quickly build your free email list. Offer discounts or special offers to encourage referrals.

“People are four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend to a particular business.” Forbes

How to get free email lists from Referrals

You can build free email lists with referrals from your current customers.

  • Send your current customers an email
  • Ask them in-person
  • Hold an Event
  • Post a referral banner on your website
  • Promote referrals in Live Chats
  • Offer a discount or special offer to entice your customers to share their friends’ Names & Addresses; the referrals will come rolling in! (Ex. $10 off your next order for each new referral)


LinkedIn is one of the most celebrated business professional social media platforms in the world. Needless to say, it’s a great resource for building business relationships, and searching for new ones.

Use it to search for professionals by location, company, and industry:

Our Team found this method to be very time-consuming and tedious. If you’d rather save time and have someone build a List for you, please Contact Us .


You can use FaceBook and FaceBook Ads to connect with people quickly, and grow your free mailing list. Offer incentives for personal information.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are effective for collecting email addresses. Use signup forms paired with strong calls to action.

Pop-up Forms

Pop-up forms attract new subscribers. Add a pop-up form to your website to collect email addresses.

Email Marketing Software

Recommended Services:

Purchasing Email Lists

If you don’t have time to build your own free mailing lists, you can always Buy Email Lists & Email Address Lists online.

Free Email Lists FAQs

Can I use HubSpot and MailChimp for emails?

No. MailChimp doesn’t allow using purchased email addresses for email campaigns. For prospecting emails, consider other tools.

Pros and Cons of MailChimp:

Pros: Free and paid plans, marketing automation, email templates, opt-in forms.

Cons: Can’t send prospecting emails to unknown contacts.

Cost of Buying an Email List:
  • Consumer Email Lists start at $195 for 1,000 leads.
  • Business Email Lists start at $250 for 500 leads.
Free Email Lists:

We offer small, free sample email lists.

List Formats:
  • CSV File Spreadsheet
  • PDF Mailing Label Format
  • Printed Peel & Stick Mailing Labels
CRM Compatibility:

Our email lists come in a .csv file format compatible with most CRMs.

Email List API:

We offer a Mailing List API and an Email List API. Contact us for details.

Opt-In Email Addresses:

All Consumer Email Addresses are 100% Opt-In.

Do you have an Email List API?

Yes! We offer a Mailing List API and an Email List API. Please Contact Us for more information and pricing.

Are all email addresses opt-in?

If you purchase a Consumer Email List from us, you will receive Consumer Email Addresses that are 100% Opt-In.

Can I get more than one free email list?

We permit one free email list per customer.

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