Mailing Lists: How to Split the Address Column in Excel

After you purchase a mailing list, you can edit the Excel file as much or as little as you like. Some people like to add additional columns for ‘Notes’, or combine their new list with a current customer list, and every so often, some people need to sort their list by Street Address. In order to do this, you need to know how to separate the ‘Street Address’ into 2 new columns, 1) Street Number, and 2) Street Address.

Step 1

Open your Excel file mailing list.








In a LeadsPlease Consumer Mailing List, the street address will be in Column C.

Highlight Column C, and Insert 2 new columns to the right. Your 2 new, blank columns, will be D and E.

Column D will be used for the ‘Street Number’, and column E will be used for the ‘Address’.






Step 2

Input the following code into cell D2 : =LEFT(C2,FIND(” “,C2,1))






Then click ‘enter’, and Excel will insert the street number into cell D:






Step 3

Click inside cell E2, and enter the following formula:    =TRIM(RIGHT(C2,(LEN(C2)-LEN(D2)+1)))






Then click ‘enter’, and Excel will insert the street address into cell E2.






Now, just copy and past the 2 formulas into the other cells in column D & E. Done!


Mailing List Edits How To Change The Case Text In Excel

LEADSPLEASE  mailing lists are available for instant download in Excel.

Sometimes customers need to know how to change the case text for mail merge.

Excel is very user friendly and can be sorted in a variety of ways but if you need to know how to edit the case text in Excel the Microsoft support website is the place to go!

Need to know how to get your mailing list formatted for printing your own labels?

4 Quick Tips to Designing a Successful Direct Mail Flyer

Explosion Dance Studio recently came to LeadsPlease in search of a targeted marketing mailing list for their direct mail campaign. The goal of their mailing, was to send a flyer to Families with Children over 3 yrs old, who live in a 2.5 mile radius of their dance studio; Families who would be most interested in having their children attend dance classes. Explosion Dance Studio kindly shared their mailing piece with us, and wow, is it a good one! It has all the key ingredients for a successful mailing :

  • Dramatic, eye-popping photos
  • Easy-to-read message
  • Clear Call-to-Action
  • Bold offer – $10 off + Free T-Shirt

This is a mailing piece that would definitely catch your eye and demand attention and response!

Well done Explosion Dance Studio!