Mailing Lists Targeting Home Movers In USA

There are many businesses/organizations that benefit from knowing who is moving in their area.

For example:

Doctors, Dentists, Churches, Schools, Landscapers, Painters.

First steps to developing new business:

  • Be informed and get an edge on your competitors by being the first to target new home movers who are most likely to respond to your message about your goods/services.


  • Find out  who is moving where in the USA.
  • Then build a customer profile to help you target new home movers who will be your ideal customers.
  • Based on your customer profile, build a mailing list targeting exactly those people who are most likely to respond to your message/services.
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  • Design a mail piece with a strong call to action.
  • Find the right people, deliver the right message and give them a good reason to respond.
  • Build a stronger returning customer base.


How To Print Mailing Labels with Adobe Reader 10.0

Printing mailing labels is easy!

After you buy your mailing list online, you’ll be able to download your list directly from the website as an Excel file spreadsheet. If you want to print your mailing list onto mailing labels, and you’re not sure how to do this, don’t worry – We’re here to help! We can help you re-format your list from an Excel file spreadsheet into an easy-to-print mailing label format, free of charge.

After you place your mailing list order online, just email/call/chat with us to request that we email you your list in a PDF mailing label format . When you receive the email from us with your PDF label format, just save the PDF to your computer and then open the file.

If you have the newer version of Adobe Reader (ex. 10.0 or higher), you’ll need to follow these 3 simple steps before you print your mailing labels – these steps will help align your mailing labels and make them print out correctly.

Step 1 : Open the PDF file


Step 2 : Click ‘File’, and then ‘Print’ to open your Print Settings box

Step 3 : Under the section ‘Page Sizing and Handling’, select ‘Actual Size’ – this will help align your labels and make them print out correctly.


Mailing List of Houses With Swimming Pools

roof top swimming pool

Are you looking for a mailing list of houses with swimming pools?

Are you a service or supply company looking for new customers in your area?

Finding homes with swimming pools in your area is quick and easy.

First build your perfect customer profile.

Then target those perfect customers  in your area using demographic selects like homeowner, income, swimming pool.

eprintwerx_screen_shot_030 2013-01-09, 16_28_59How To Get Your Mailing List Printed On Your Mail Piece.

  • You can get your local mail shop to print the names and addresses directly onto the mail piece and add a postal indicia. Simply email them the excel spreadsheet.
  • If you have already had your mail piece printed and prefer to mail them yourself, you may want to print the names and addresses on peel and stick labels. We recommend using Avery 5160 peel and stick labels or any generic version which has 30 labels on a sheet.
  • Don’t forget to add a call to action like ” 10% discount on all swimming pool supplies while stocks last” or “first swimming pool service call free”.

Mailing Lists Targeting New Single Family Home Owners

The US Census Bureau has announced a 4.4% increase in the sale of New Single Family Homes.

There are many service industries prepared to be the first to welcome new homeowners into their area.

If you are for example: a lawn service, a cleaning service, a church or a local pizza restaurant,

you will want to mail your marketing materials as quickly as you can to the new home owners in your area.

Make sure you have a clear customer profile built so you can easily target your ideal customers.

LeadsPlease updates its new home owner and new mover database weekly so it is easy to build an up to date, accurate mailing list for new homeowners in your area now.

Direct Mail Marketing Campaign For New Businesses


new business 2


Know your customer, then create your own ‘perfect’ customer profile.

Use this profile to build a targeted mailing list and find more ideal customers.


Choose a mail piece with an eye-catching design and a great ‘call to action’

Make sure that prospective customers have a really good reason to come to you for the services you provide.


Target geographic areas where you know you will more likely find your ‘perfect customer’.

For example:

If you are a pizza restaurant. You probably want to target families with children living in a 5 mile radius of your restaurant or

If you are a lawn service you may want to only service certain zip codes which have mostly single family homes or you may want to choose the radius search to you make sure your customers are in easy driving distance.


Make sure you correctly address your mail piece.

Missing out the second address line (Apartment/Suite Number) or not positioning the address block correctly will be costly.


Maintain and update your mailing lists.

Make sure you know who your real customers are.

This will be your most valuable asset!