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About Zip Code Lookups

A Zip Code Lookup is an online tool that helps you find the correct zip code for a specific address, and all the correct zip codes for a city or state.

So, if you need to know all the zip codes in a particular delivery area (ex. city or state), or you need help confirming the correct zip code for a mail delivery address, a zip code lookup tool can help you.

Zip Code Lookup

What is a Zip Code Lookup?

A zip code lookup is a search tool that helps you find the correct USPS 5-digit zip code for residential and business addresses across the USA. Some lookup tools can also help you find all the specific united states postal service zip codes for a particular city or state (ex. New York or California).

How can a Zip Code Lookup help me?

US Zip Code Lookups are extremely useful and can help in a variety of ways.


If you’re in a Sales position you know how important it is, to have quality, accurate sales leads. A lookup tool can help ensure that you have up-to-date postal street addresses with complete and accurate zip codes.

If you address your direct mailers with an inaccurate zip code, your mail will be returned to you by the post office because of an incomplete address. Returned mailers are a waste of money and all your precious time and effort. Before you mail your next direct mail campaign, be sure that your addresses include the correct code system / zip codes.


Recruiters need accurate postal mailing addresses in order to send recruitment messages and advertisements via direct mail. A lookup tool can help ensure that the addresses you’re using are up to date and accurate. This is important because you want to reach the right candidates the first time.


If you’re trying to send mail to a friend or colleague, but you’re unsure about their correct mailing address, a lookup tool can put your qualms at ease. Make sure you address your mail piece correctly, with the right zip cod, before you mail it.

How do I find all the zip codes for a City?

Although there are lots of Zip code Lookup tools out there, in most cases, you just need to know the correct spelling for the City you want to target, and the state that the City is in. After you enter the City name and State, the tool will display a list of all the five-digit zip codes that fall inside that City or State.

Zip Code Lookup Tool [2023]

How do I know if the zip codes are correct?

A ‘great’ zip code lookup tool should only provide you with accurate, valid USPS zip codes.

However, not all companies and websites are reliable. So, before you trust a particular website or zip code lookup tool, be sure to do your due diligence and understand where they are getting the information from.

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How can I quickly find the right zip code for an address?

Finding the correct full zip code for an address is quick and easy. Find a zip code lookup tool that you trust, then simply enter an address, city and state, and the tool will display the correct, zip code.

Can I lookup a 9-digit zip code?

Yes! We can help you lookup a 9-digit zip code. Please Contact Us for more information.

Can you help me lookup a specific postal code?

Yes! Please Contact Us for more information.

Can I lookup an area code?

Yes! Please Contact Us for more information.

How do I find the correct zip codes for a list of addresses?

Most tools offer a ‘free’ service, where you can enter and check one zip code at a time. However, if you need to verify a lot of zip codes at one time, you’ll need to find a ‘bulk’ zip code lookup option.

For more information or pricing, please Contact Us.

The lookup tool didn’t return a result for the address that I entered. Why?

Zip Code Lookups are clever tools, but they aren’t 100% accurate and they might not always return a result. For optimal results, be sure to use a trusted service that uses relaible data.

It it free to use a zip code lookup tool?

Some tools are free, and some charge a fee. In most cases, the ‘free’ tools allow you to perform one lookup or at best, a handful of searches at a time.

If you need to lookup a lot of zip codes, you will likely need to pay for a service.

What are the 5 best Zip Code Lookup tools that are Free?

Here are the 5 best free tools that allow you to check one zip code at a time, for free:

Can I buy a list of addresses by zip code?

Yes! You can buy a list of addresses by zip code: Mailing Lists by Zip Code

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Zip Code Lookup FAQs

  • [Q]Can I get a mailing list with specific zip codes?[A]Yes you can. To get started, please visit our Mailing List by Zip Code page.
  • [Q]Can I lookup a zip code for a po box address?[A]Yes!
  • [Q]Can I lookup postal codes in Canada?[A]Yes! Some free tools will allow you to lookup addresses and postal codes in Canada.
  • [Q]Can I use a zip code lookup tool to find my zip code?[A]Yes! As long as you’re searching for a valid zip code, the tool should display the correct results.