Clean Mailing Lists

The definition of a great mailing list, is a mailing list that is as accurate, up-to-date and as clean as possible. So, we make it our top priority to clean and update our mailing lists as frequently as possible. Since we perform regular list updates, we can ensure that you receive only the very best data that’s available.

In turn, you’ll see less returned mail, get a higher return on your investment and be a happy LeadsPlease mailing list customer!

Above and beyond the data quality processes applied by our data partners, we also perform rigorous data quality tests and scrub our lists through multiple USPS approved software, to ensure that you receive top-quality mailing lists.

On a monthly basis we take a random selection of the data provided by our data partners and apply thorough independent USPS tests to ensure that the data is as accurate and uptodate as possible.

Clean Mailing Lists should pass the following USPS tests :


The USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) file is a databank of more than 120 million permanent address changes, updated weekly and covering a rolling 36-month period of reported move information. NCOA identifies movers at the individual, family and business level. We scrub each list database against the NCOA file on a weekly/monthly basis to assure that we maintain the most current address on each consumer/business record.


Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) is the USPS approved software that we use to evaluate the accuracy of addresses, and to correct incomplete/incorrect street addresses. If an address is missing address information, such as ZIP codes, cities, and states, CASS software will ensure that the address is corrected and complete. Starting with 2007 Cycle L, CASS software will also perform


Delivery Point Verification (DPV) is used to verify whether or not an address is a deliverable address; if an address is not deemed deliverable, we will update addresses that have been renamed or renumbered or discard incomplete/undeliverable addresses.

How to Create a ‘Mail Merge’ Using Your Mailing List

Courtesy of Microsoft Office Online Support

The power of mail merge

You use mail merge when you want to create a set of documents that are essentially the same but where each document contains unique elements. For example, in a letter that announces a new product, your company logo and the text about the product will appear in each letter, and the address and greeting line will be different in each letter.

Addressed envelopes produced by mail merge

Using mail merge, you can create:

  • A set of labels or envelopes     The return address is the same on all the labels or envelopes, but the destination address is unique on each one.
  • A set of form letters, e-mail messages, or faxes     The basic content is the same in all the letters, messages, or faxes, but each contains information that is specific to the individual recipient, such as name, address, or some other piece of personal data.
  • A set of numbered coupons     The coupons are identical except that each contains a unique number.

Creating each letter, message, fax, label, envelope, or coupon individually would take hours. That’s where mail merge comes in. Using mail merge, all you have to do is create one document that contains the information that is the same in each version. Then you just add some placeholders for the information that is unique to each version. Word takes care of the rest.

Start the mail merge process

To start the mail merge process:

  1. Start Word.

A blank document opens by default. Leave it open. If you close it, the next step won’t work.

  1. On the Tools menu, point to Letters and Mailings, and then click Mail Merge.

 Note    In Word 2002, on the Tools menu, point to Letters and Mailings, and then click Mail Merge Wizard.

The Mail Merge task pane opens. By using hyperlinks in the task pane, you navigate through the mail-merge process.

What to Expect from Your Mailing List

When you purchase a LeadsPlease Mailing List, you can rest assured that you will be using a quality mailing. Your next step will be to mail your campaign. But before you get started, we wanted to share a few thoughts with you about the sort of deliverability and response rates you can expect to see from your mailing.

We love to hear from you! So please feel free to contact us at any time, with any questions, feedback, comments and direct mail success stories!


Deliverability is the percentage of mail pieces that you can expect to get delivered.

  • What deliverability can I expect?
    • Consumer / New Homeowner / New Mover Lists  – 95+% Deliverability Guarantee
    • Business Mailing Lists – 92+% Deliverability Guarantee
      • You can expect these high deliverability rates when you mail your campaign within 30 days of purchasing your list and address your mail correctly.
      • If you have any questions about how to address your mail correctly, we suggest visiting the USPS Addressing Tips & Tools section of the USPS website.
  • Why won’t 100% of my mail get delivered? Why should I expect some returned mail pieces?
    • Although we perform extensive tests to ensure the highest quality data possible, there will always be a small number of undeliverable mail pieces/returned mail for various reasons that are out of our control:
      • Millions of Consumers and Businesses move every month, and if they don’t provide a forwarding address to the USPS, their mail cannot not be forwarded and will get returned to the sender.
      • Postal inaccuracies.
      • If a house is vacant, the postman is not allowed to deliver the mail and the mail will be returned to the sender.
    • “Or Current Resident” and “Or Current Occupant”
      • You can increase deliverability by adding the words ‘Or Current Resident’ to a Consumer mailing address and ‘Or Current Occupant’ to a Business mailing address. If a person or business has moved location, your mail will get delivered to the current resident/occupant.


  • How do I get the best response rate from my mailing?
    • A quality mailing list is definitely one of the first steps in building a successful direct mail campaign; but the overall response rate that you can expect from your mailing, ultimately depends on a combination of elements:
      • Quality List
      • Design
      • Copy
      • ‘Call to Action’
      • Offer or Discount
      • Images
      • Personalization
      • Honesty
      • Timing
      • Repetition
  • What response rate can I expect from my mailing?
    • According to the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), you can expect to see anywhere between 1-9% response rate from direct mail. Of course, a successful direct mail campaign, as you read above, relies on a variety of factors, so every campaign will have a different response rate.
  • How do I know if my mailing was a success?
    • Every mailing has a different goal, so as long as you see the results that you were looking for you can declare your direct mailing a success. Some obvious benefits and attainable goals for a direct mail campaign are:
      • Finding and gaining new customers
      • Increasing sales
      • Building brand awareness
    • Gaining 1 new customer can often make an entire mailing a success – especially if this 1 customer becomes a loyal, repeat, life-long customer that purchases again and again.
    • So remember, it’s not always just about gaining immediate short-term sales , it’s about building your customer base and getting them to come back again and again.

What is ‘Deliverability’?

Deliverability is the percentage of mail pieces that you can expect to get delivered.

The higher your deliverability, the less returned mail pieces you will have returned to you.

Since people and businesses move location every day, you will always receive a small percentage of returned mail pieces when you do a mailing. One of the ways to help keep your deliverability as high as possible is to use your list within 30 days of purchase.

If you mail your mailing piece within 30 days of purchasing a list from LeadsPlease, and address your mail according to USPS standards, you can expect the following deliverability rates:

  • Consumer : 95+%
  • Business : 92+%
  • New Homeowner: 95%
  • New Mover : 95%

Please visit our Blog post to read more about the LeadsPlease Deliverability Guarantee.

Why won’t 100% of my mail get delivered? Why should I expect some returned mail pieces?

Although we perform extensive tests to ensure the highest quality data possible, there will always be a small number of undeliverable mail pieces/returned mail for various reasons that are out of our control:

  • Millions of Consumers and Businesses move every month, and most of them do not provide the Post Office with a forwarding address. If they don’t provide a forwarding address to the USPS, their mail cannot not be forwarded and it will get returned to the sender.
  • Postal inaccuracies.
  • If a house is vacant, the postman is not allowed to deliver the mail and the mail will be returned to the sender.

Why does LeadsPlease have a higher deliverability rate than other mailing list companies?

We take our data quality extremely seriously and take great pride in being able to provide our valued customers with the highest quality data that’s available. Our deliverability rate is higher than a lot of other list providers, because we take extra measures to clean, and test the data more frequently than most other companies. Here are some of the steps that we take:

  • We perform rigorous independent USPS tests to ensure that all our mailing addresses and contact names are correct and viable.  (NCOA 48, CASS, DPV.)
  • We are partners with Experian, the largest and most trusted data compiler in the USA. Experian ranks each record with a ‘reliability code’, based on the amount of information/data available to them. The ‘reliability code’ for each record is ranked between 1 and 10, 1 being extremely reliable, 10 being the most unreliable. LeadsPlease only loads the most reliable records (1’s and 2’s) into the LeadsPlease system in order to provide our customers with the most accurate and reliable data.
  • We test massive sample lists from various locations across the USA prior to loading each new release of Experian data into the LeadsPlease site. We then analyze each of these mailing lists using our own postal hygiene software and run a complete analysis to make sure each list is highly deliverable. The data is only made available on LeadsPlease after each database has been tested thoroughly and we can guarantee a deliverability of 95%.

Promotional Coupon Codes For Marketing

Promotional coupon codes for marketing.

Save money on direct mail and email campaigns by taking advantage of the promotional coupon codes for marketing from LeadsPlease!

Promotional codes available for:

  • Direct Mail Lists
  • Email Lists
  • Printed Labels

Build your email or direct mail list online and begin the checkout process. You will be asked to enter a coupon or promotional code at this stage. The discount will be applied to the items in your shopping cart before payment is made.

  1. Checkout our current promotional codes on our home page
  2. Chat with us online. See chat icon bottom right home page.
  3. Talk to us. Our customer service team are waiting to help you make savings +1 866 306 8674

We can also:

  • Print and mail your entire campaign.
  • Print and ship your mailing list on peel and stick labels

Promotional Codes For Marketing

Always be saving!

How to Write Killer Copy For Your Direct Mailings

How to write killer copy for your direct mailings that boosts response rates and ROI

Alice Brown – Editor

Learn How to write Killer copy for your direct mailings (or content/text) to help ‘sell’ your products and services. This is crucial to the success of any direct mail campaign; so take a second to digest these quick tips to writing killer copy that boosts response rates and your ROI.

It’s all about the ‘Benefits’

Write about the ‘benefits’ of your product/services and less about your products’ ‘features’. benefits’ focus on your customers.

Benefit oriented statements/phrases focus the attention on your customers ad help your customers understand how your products/services will make their life just that little bit easier.

A gardening service could highlight the ‘benefits’ of their lawn care service by writing:

“Free up your weekend and relax! We’ll take care of your lawn and garden so you don’t have to.”

An example of a boring, ‘feature’ oriented piece of copy:

“We use professional lawn care tools and our team is quick and efficient”.

Get Emotional!

People respond and react to their emotions, so connect with your customers and use text/copy that sparks ‘emotion’. Understand who they are, and connect with them ‘emotionally’.

Example: “We know times are tough – and we want to help…introducing free coffee Mondays!”

Conversational Style

Don’t use stiff, ‘advertising talk’ or impersonal text – it’s cold and boring and will quickly get your promotional mail piece tossed in the trash.

Get ‘personal’ and write as if you’re having a conversation with your customer. Conversational style (‘you’, ‘we’ etc) breaks down barriers and connects you with your customers.

Less is More

People ‘scan’ text and copy so keep your text short and your offer bold and clear. Tell your story, and then stop.

Active voice

Use the ‘active’ present tense and drop your passive tense phrases. The active/present tense creates a sense of immediacy and urgency while the passive tense feels awkward and detached.

Present tense: “The dog bit the boy.”

Passive tense: “The boy was bitten by the dog.”


Your offer is the most important copy of your direct mail piece, so don’t rush it – take the time to create a powerful, compelling promotion that will grab your readers’ attention and push them to take action.

Direct Mail Design
Direct Mail Design

Need help to print and mail your campaign?

Learn how to write killer copy for your direct mailings now!

Free Print Ready For Mailing Labels PDF

Free print ready for mailing labels PDF converts your mailing list into a format so you can print your list on peel and stick labels yourself!

Free PDF Formatted For Labels

Any labels which are 30 on a sheet will work with our PDF. We email you the PDF file. We attach instructions about which labels work best and how to make any adjustments for printing. Call us if you need help. Our customer service team is ready to advise you.

PDF Printing On Labels

Call us with your order number for our Free Print Ready For Mailing Labels PDF : 866-306-8674 or email us : or contact us

Ask us to “add or current resident” under the name & above the address to ensure that the mail piece is always left at the address and not returned to sender if the occupant has moved on. This will reduce the number of non deliverables returned to you. Maximize the impact of the mailing & minimize wastage.

Let LeadsPlease print & ship peel & stick mailing list labels for you.

Do Not Call Telemarketing Regulations

Do Not Call Telemarketing Regulations

Calling consumers?  Follow the Federal Do Not Call telemarketing regulations to be compliant.

Get your business/organization exempt from the Federal  Do Not Call Telemarketing Regulations and get a SAN number (Subscription Account Number). This is available at the Federal Trade Commissions website.

The SAN is renewable every 12 months.

Telemarketers & Sellers must search the Do Not Call Register every 31 days in order to remove from their mailing lists/ call lists the telephone numbers of consumers who have registered.

Only those people/organizations with a valid SAN can call consumers.


Find out more by going to the National Do Not Call Registry :

LeasdsPlease will ask you for a SAN in order to release telephone numbers for consumers. Your SAN and only then will you be provided with a consumer list that includes telephone numbers (where they are available).

Consumers who receive telemarketing calls even though they are on the Do Not Call Registry can file a complaint with the FTC & violators could be fined up to $16,000 for each incident!

Keep your mailing lists/call lists up to date and compliant with the regulations because it could cost you and your business time and money!