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How To Print Labels From An Excel Mailing List

How To Print Labels From An Excel Mailing List

Ever wondered how on earth you can format your direct mail excel spreadsheet so you can print it on labels?

LeasdPlease provides all customers who order mailing lists the option to:

  • Download the mailing list in excel immediately.
  • Request a free PDF which is formatted for label printing.
  • Have the mailing list printed on peel and stick labels and shipped to you.

Download The Mailing List

When you complete an order on LeadsPlease there is a link on the last checkout page to download your list immediately. The list will open in excel.

Request A Free PDF/Label Printing Made Easy

Get your order number call us to format your list for printing.  Let us know if you want us to add “Or Current Resident” under the name of the recipient. This makes sure that the USPS leaves the mail piece at the designated address. We will email you a free PDF and attach links to a “How To” document.

For Medicare Supplement Marketing choose “mailing list of people” from our home page. Select “turning 65 by birth month” on the demography page.  We can sort the list by birth month and add this to the PDF and/or the printed labels. Then you can mail to the recipients at the appropriate time.

Let LeadsPlease Print and Ship Your Labels

LeadsPlease can print your list on peel and stick labels and ship them to you by priority mail. Don’t forget we can add “Or Current Resident” to the labels under the name of the recipient.

If you are using the “Turning 65” select we can also add the birth month to the PDF and/or the printed label.

Call us on 866 306 8674 to get started.

Free Emails With Business Direct Mail Lists

LeadsPlease now offers FREE EMAILS with business direct mail lists.

Most list providers separate email data from direct mail data in order to charge you more for your list.

LeadsPlease enables users to select business emails where available or select only the business records that have email addresses at NO extra charge. Free business emails! What’s not to like!

When we design our business marketing campaigns these days we need to combine direct mail with email marketing. This ensures that we maximize our marketing efforts.

Best Practices For Email Marketing

  • Check a variety of sources for best practices before launching an email campaign. LeadsPlease has its own email best practices document to help you LeadsPlease Email Address List Guidelines 2018
  • Use professional email distributors to execute your campaign.
  • Comply with the CAN-SPAM law. Spam emails waste time and money.

I want a Business Email Address List – How do I get started?
You can give us a call 1 866 306 8674 or submit your request online at


The Data Widget Tool For Lists Of Businesses

The Data Widget Tool For Lists Of Businesses

The Data Widget is a prospecting tool which enables users to build and buy targeted direct mail and email marketing lists. The tool, fast to install and easy to use can make you money instantly from data sales.

The Data Widget is a “plug and play” tool easily incorporated into your website or web to print application.

Here are some of the benefits of using The Data Widget.

  • The Data Widget is easy to install.
  • See real-time counts and preview lists before you purchase.
  • Our developers use leading database technology.
  • We partner with the largest and most trusted data compilers.
  • Select from millions of consumer and business records.
  • The Data Widget is flexible. You can add specialty list data  and your own customer sales data.
  • Switch on or off hundreds of demographic selects.
  • Our Data Widget tool is fast and easy to use.
  • There are no set up costs,  no contracts and no Commitments.
  • Instantly make money from data sales.

Who Benefits From The Data Widget Tool For Lists Of Businesses?

  • Printers with any web to print application.
  • Franchises.
  • Dealers.
  • Mortgage Brokers.
  • Insurance Agents.
  • Restaurants.
  • Home Services.

Call us to find out more about our world-class data widget prospecting tool and start making money instantly!

Call us on 866 306 8674


Direct Mail Lists Of People Turning 65

Direct Mail Lists Of People Turning 65

There are 75 million baby boomers on the verge of turning 65 and retirement. This creates massive opportunities to market your services to the turning 65 age group. People turning 65 will be planning for retirement and looking  for information from Insurance Companies, Retirement Homes, Financial Planners, Healthcare Services, Legal Services and Prescription Drug Companies to name a few.

Broken down, that is 10,000 people turning 65 every day for the next 19 years. This is a huge sales opportunity.

How Targeted Direct Mail Lists Of People Turning 65 Can Help You Fill Your Sales Pipeline.

For example if you are an insurance agent specializing in Medicare Insurance, you will need to offer services that directly benefit those turning 65 at the right time. To be more precise in your targeting you can combine the turning 65 selects with other common choices like gender, income, home ownership, marital status to name a few.

You can create and download targeted mailing lists by birth month and ensure that you market your services to the right people at the right time. Seniors will be looking for those services which could directly benefit them at this time in their lives.

5 Tips For Creating A Turning 65 Direct Mail Campaign

  • You will need a Direct Mail List Of People Turning 65 which is accurate and updated.
  • Add additional selects to the turning 65 by birth month to be more precise in your targeting.
  • Make sure you offer services that will benefit the turning 65 age group directly.
  • Get your message out before people turn 65 to give them a chance to compare services.
  • Be personal. Try a hand written note approach.

5 Easy Steps To Direct Mail-Email Marketing

Ever wondered if your direct mail-email marketing is really part of 21st century marketing?

We all try to compare email marketing with direct mail marketing but here is the problem.

The fastest way to engage our customers may not be a one step approach where we blast an email to all our customers and consider the job done. We need to work at combining best direct mail marketing practices with the best email marketing practices.

Consider using both direct mail and email to excite and engage your customers.

Engage With Direct Mail

  1. A creative, interesting  mail piece design will encourage a second look.
  2.  Accurate regularly updated direct mail and email lists are essential to a successful direct mail-email marketing campaign.
  3. Hand stamp. There are plenty of options from the USPS.
  4. Keep the approach personal. Hand write. If someone thinks they are part of a mass mailing effort they may think twice about reading your mail piece.
  5. Be colorful. A mail piece that is opened or read needs to stand out.


Backup With Email

  1. Keep your email contacts updated.
  2. Only email when you have something real to offer.
  3. Use email to back up your direct mail campaign. For example mail a coupon code for use on your website or to bring into your store. Email customer to remind them that the coupon code is expiring.
  4. Keep personal and use the customer’s name.
  5. Give your customer a reason to keep coming back to your website.


Automotive Car Mailing Lists

Automotive Car Mailing Lists

Automotive related business or  car dealerships will definitely want to know when people are in the market for a new vehicle.

Consequently, having this knowledge gives them a competitive advantage.

Accurate Data 

Accurate and up to date Automotive Car Mailing Lists are essential for targeting new car owners, end of lease owners or owners of specific brands. This information will help increase revenues.

Automotive Car Mailing Lists help : 

  • Car Dealerships. For example a VW Dealership wants to target all VW owners within a 20 mile radius of the dealership hence promoting the imminent release of a new make/model.
  • Automotive Service & Repair Shops.  An Auto Repair shop wants to reach drivers who have a 5-year-old car and offer a discount on a 100,000 mile service and as a result increase revenue.
  • Automobile Insurance Agents. An Insurance Agent wants to target high-end car drivers for example: Mercedes and Porsche to inform them of a unique new type of Auto insurance.
  • Car/Auto Accessory Businesses  want to offer a discount to all car owners in a radius around their retail store for any auto cleaning product which they want to promote locally.

All these businesses can therefore identify and target potentially new customers locally or across the whole USA.


Not all automotive car mailing lists are equal!

  • Make sure the data is accurate and updated regularly.
  • Choose your geographic area with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Most of all it is highly advisable to make sure the data is from a proper automotive database.

LeadsPlease can help you build an automotive car mailing list by:

  • Targeting people who drive a certain make, model or year and VIN of automobile.
  • Selecting the date of the automobile title.
  • Choosing the age of the driver.
  • Filtering by Income.
  • Specifying Gender.
  • And so much more.

LeadsPlease can help you get your automotive car marketing campaign printed and mailed.

  • Get the best targeted automotive car mailing list.
  • Make sure your mail piece is USPS compliant for mailing.
  • Get the best mailing rate.
  • Mail your marketing piece on the exact day you specify and add your name address so you can see the finished mailed piece and the date mailed.

A simple 123 process.

  1. Build an accurate targeted mailing list.
  2. Print the mail piece with targeted names and addresses.
  3. Mail automotive-car marketing piece on date of your choosing.

Call Us For An Automotive Car Mailing Lists : 1 (866) 306-8674




Church Direct Mail Marketing

Church Direct Mail Marketing

It’s fall and time to reach out again to neighbors new and old by using church direct mail marketing for growth in your area.

Direct mail marketing is a great way to achieve this.

Find New Neighbors Easily

  1. Get an accurate mailing list from data that is updated regularly.
  2. Select the new movers in your search.
  3. Choose the exact city, county, zip code or state you need.
  4. Make sure your list provider offers you a Not For Profit Discount!

Find Old Neighbors Easily

  1. Get an accurate mailing list from data that is updated regularly.
  2. Select the consumer database in your search.
  3. Either draw a radius around your Church address or
  4. Select specific city, county, zip code,state.
  5. Select any other demographics you need like families with children or charity donors.
  6. Make sure you ask for a Not For Profit Discount!

LeadsPlease Can:

  1. Provide an accurate mailing list which is updated every 30 days.
  2. Print & Mail Your Church Direct Mail Marketing Campaign!

Add one of the new USPS Fall Stamps for a personal touch!

Call us for a quote and don’t forget to ask for a Not For profit Discount!  866 306 8674


Targeted Direct Mail

Targeted Direct Mail That Gets Results

How do you decide if your customers will benefit from receiving targeted direct mail?

Here is a great HubSpot resource to help you decide.

Some Advantages Of Using Targeted Direct Mail:

  •  Clone only your best customers and target those most likely to use or buy your product because these people will be most likely to place an order.
  • Targeted direct mail reduces wastage and as a result saves you money.
  • A compelling “call to action” encourages your customers to communicate with you and as a result this makes completing an order an easier task.
  • Targeted direct mail will be retained long after a cold call is forgotten .

Appreciate your customers with a “Thank You For Your Business” by offering a coupon code for their next order.

You can make your direct mail piece personal by adding a physical stamp and handwriting the text.


Direct Mail Made Easy

Direct Mail Made Easy is the LeadsPlease way of helping you to “get it mailed”.

Design your direct mail piece, build your targeted mailing list and print and mail.

  • Design an eye catching mail piece with a bold “call to action”.  For example if you are a frozen yogurt shop you could offer: “Buy One, Get one Free Every Friday Evening During June”. A nice glossy finish to the postcard will add a touch of class/quality!
  • Build an accurate targeted mailing list. Fresh, frequently updated data saves wastage on printing and mailing.
  • Target your best customer profiles because mailing to people who will not be interested in your products and services wastes money.
  • Focus on your most important services because laundry lists of services is confusing.
  • Make sure you add your own mailing details to your mailing list because you will need to monitor the timing of the mailing and the quality of the printing.
  • Hand stamp for a personal touch.                                                                             Celebration Boutonniere
  • LeadsPlease can help you get your direct mail piece printed and mailed! Call Us: 866-306-8674

New USPS “Have A Ball” Forever Stamps For Direct Mail

New USPS “Have A Ball” Forever Stamps will be available for direct mail  on 6/14/17.

Add The Personal Touch To Direct Mail

  • Jump out from the crowd and hand write the recipient’s name.
  • Hand fix a  memorable stamp and add a splash of color.


Help Your Customers To Remember You

  • Use an eye-catching design .
  • Don’t confuse or overwhelm your customers with lists of services/products that you offer. Focus on one or two.
  • Use a clear call to action like “Call Today” or “Stop By In May”.
  • Try the new textured stamps “Have A Ball”.
  • Finally, check out these  marketing tips from LeadsPlease!



Most of all, we all love ball games!