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How to grow a church congregation. Reach out to neighbors new and old using targeted church direct mail marketing.

Buy Church Mailing Lists For Marketing
How To Grow a Church congregation with Church mailing lists.
  • How to grow a church congregation. Customize your list to coordinate with your marketing campaign. For example: If you are promoting your Sunday school classes you will need to select “families with children” in the appropriate age ranges so that you reach the right audience.
  • Get an accurate mailing list from a data source that is cleaned and updated regularly.
  • Target the people living and working in an area around your church because people feel more comfortable when they stay in their own local area. Draw a radius around your church address and select the precise number of miles or parts of a mile you need. This lets you control your budget and the geographic area you are targeting.
  • Choose from a variety of selects to target specific denominations, affiliations or ministry types.
  • Expand your congregation by marketing to New Home Owners and New Movers in your targeted area.

How To Save Marketing $$$

church mailing list marketing
How To Grow A Church Congregation With Direct Mail

Free Emails With Business Direct Mail Lists

LeadsPlease now offers FREE EMAILS with business direct mail lists.

Most list providers separate email data from direct mail data in order to charge you more for your list.

LeadsPlease enables users to select business emails where available or select only the business records that have email addresses at NO extra charge. Free business emails! What’s not to like!

When we design our business marketing campaigns these days we need to combine direct mail with email marketing. This ensures that we maximize our marketing efforts.

Best Practices For Email Marketing

  • Check a variety of sources for best practices before launching an email campaign. LeadsPlease has its own email best practices document to help you LeadsPlease Email Address List Guidelines 2018
  • Use professional email distributors to execute your campaign.
  • Comply with the CAN-SPAM law. Spam emails waste time and money.

I want a Business Email Address List – How do I get started?
You can give us a call 1 866 306 8674 or submit your request online at

The Data Widget Tool For Lists Of Consumers

The Data Widget Tool For Lists Of Consumers

The Data Widget is a patented prospecting tool which enables users to build and buy targeted direct mail and email marketing lists. The tool, fast to install and easy to use can make you money instantly from data sales.

The Data Widget is a patented “plug and play” tool which easily and seamlessly integrates mailing lists into your website or web to print application.

Here are some of the benefits of using The Data Widget Tool For Lists Of Consumers.

  • The Data Widget is easy to install.
  • See real-time counts and preview lists before you purchase.
  • Our developers use leading database technology.
  • We partner with the largest and most trusted data compilers.
  • Select from millions of consumer and business records.
  • The Data Widget is flexible. You can add specialty list data  and your own customer sales data.
  • Switch on or off hundreds of demographic selects.
  • Our Data Widget tool is fast and easy to use.
  • There are no set up costs,  no contracts and no Commitments.
  • Instantly make money from data sales.

Who Benefits From The Data Widget Tool For Lists Of Consumers?

  • Printers with any web to print application.
  • Franchises.
  • Dealers.
  • Mortgage Brokers.
  • Insurance Agents.
  • Restaurants.
  • Home Services.

Call us to find out more about our world-class patented data widget prospecting tool and start making money instantly!

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Direct Mail Using USPS Holiday Stamps

Direct Mail Using USPS Holiday Stamps

Now is the time to make sure you are using USPS Holiday Stamps for your direct mail marketing campaigns.

USPS Holiday Stamps
Direct Mail holiday Stamps

It’s the festive time of year and our customers expect a little festive addition to our mailing campaigns.

You will need quality data for your direct mail lists to ensure you get the best ROI.

Data Quality For Your Direct Mail Lists

Make sure you regularly update your own data and if necessary get a fresh direct mail list. This will improve deliverability. If you want to know how to clean your data we have a few tips for you

New additions to the USPS Forever Stamps Collection are now available.

Direct Mail Holiday Stamps
Direct Mail Holiday Stamps







Tips on How To Design A Marketing piece For Direct Mail With Attitude

The Holidays are busy enough without having to stress over how to make our marketing pieces targeted towards only those who are likely to respond to our message, how to comply with USPS postal regulations, how to get the best postal rate and last but not least how to better guarantee that the recipient of the marketing piece will respond.

We have a few marketing ideas which just may relieve the tension.

No time to do the prep? We can also help you print and mail your marketing campaign. How easy is that?