Top 3 Customer Service Related Issues

According to the recent Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Survey, 51% of customers in the USA switch providers due to poor customer service.  This 51% makes up a $1.3 Trillion loss!

The top 3 customer service related issues mentioned by respondents were:

  1. Having to contact a company several times in order to address the same issue.
  2. Being put on hold for a long time.
  3. Having to deal with several representatives to resolve a single issue.

So remember to treat your current customers like gold! Customers want to be listened too and understood; they do not want to be pushed aside or made to feel insignificant. If they address you with an issue, try to handle the issue as soon as possible and in a timely, professional manner.


Consumers Prefer Direct Mail Over Email

A recent study by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) found that Consumers still prefer to receive print / direct mail advertising over email.

According to the DMA, 79% of Consumers will react to direct mail advertising immediately, in comparison to only 45% of consumers who say they react immediately to email advertisements.

The study also found that 56% of consumers think that print marketing and direct mail, is the most trust worthy of all advertising communication channels.


3 Ways Direct Mail is Delivering What Google Doesn’t for Small Businesses

Entrepreneur Press released an interesting article this morning titled “3 Ways Direct Mail is Delivering What Google Doesn’t for Small Businesses”.

As Google gets bigger and bigger, a common misconception is that online advertising is the marketing tool that yields the highest ROI with the least amount of money and effort. But experienced direct mail gurus like Dan Kennedy & Craig Simpson, are quick to slap down those common misconceptions. In this article they quickly prove that direct mail is still an extremely effective and affordable way to reach wide audiences in ways that Google cannot.

Simpson claims that there are 3 simple things that Google doesn’t  do, that a successful direct mail campaign does:

  1. Direct Sales. They happen when people aren’t shopping.
  2. Sole Focus. An online search never lists just you.
  3. Guarantee. Buying online ads doesn’t mean people will see them.

Check out the full article by Entrepreneur Press.

Get a Turning 65 List and Reach People Aging Into Medicare

Get a Turning 65 List and start marketing to people who are aging into Medicare eligibility.

If you are a Medicare Insurance Agent, there are 2 great ways to reach your target market:

  1. Advertise to people who are already 65 years old and who are eligible for Medicare. (This age group can be difficult to convince because they are often already well informed about their insurance options or have already made a decision.)
  2. Advertise to people who are just about to turn 65!

People often make long-term,  insurance and supplemental insurance decisions just before they turn 65 years old; so a Turning 65 List can give Medicare Insurance Agents a huge edge on their competition and help them reach people just before they make any long-term insurance decisions.

If you’re a Medicare Insurance Agent, it can be extremely beneficial to find these people and start marketing to them before their birthday. The timing is crucial. If you reach them when they are still learning about their options and they most likely have not yet made any insurance decisions, it increases your chances of winning them over and gaining a new customer.

Turning 65 mailing lists are a perfect way for medicare insurance agents to reach the right audience and gain new customers.

You can find People Turning 65 in any area of the USA. Just select the zip codes, cities, counties or states that you want to target, and then select the Birth Months you need. Example: People Turning 65 in July-December 2014 in 5 counties in Florida.

Build your mailing list online and download your Turning 65 list to computer in just minutes.

Click here to build a Turning 65 List today!

Get a Turning 65 List



5 Ways Retailers Can Attract Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

Recent Gallup polls show that the average US Household will spend about $740 on Christmas holiday gifts this year. That’s ~ a $35 increase from their November budget estimates, but it’s still down in comparison to the average household spend in 2012. (GallupThis means even more competition among retailers !

So attention all Retailers! Here are 5 ways to attract last minute Christmas holiday shoppers :

1. Extend your hours – Open early and close late!

2. Entice shoppers with an offer or discount that’s hard to refuse.

3. Give away something for free! Even if it’s a something small.

4. Offer a money-back-guarantee.

5. Offer different payment options, including Lay-Away for large purchases.



Get Your Holiday Offer in the Mail!

Are you planning a Holiday Mailing this year? If you’ve already launched your campaign, well done! You’ve mailed it far enough in advance to encourage those early holiday shoppers. If you haven’t had a chance to mail your campaign yet, don’t worry, you still have time! But don’t procrastinate much longer , you’ve only got a few more weeks to get it dropped in the mail.

Holiday Offers are a great way to reach out to current customers and potential new ones. People are expecting to see promotions around this time of year, and you want to make sure they know about all your great offers!

4 Quick Tips to Designing a Successful Direct Mail Flyer




Direct Mail Still Outperforms Emails

The truth is, direct mail still way out performs email and sees a much higher return on investment. 

A big misconception is that email is a quicker, easier, and cheaper way to find new customers, over the more traditional direct mail advertising. But the truth is, email campaigns are still extremely complex and cumbersome to distribute, and not as inexpensive as most people imagine. 

Although direct mail is the more traditional form of direct marketing, it’s proven to work…and most importantly, it still outperforms email with a much, much higher return on investment.

“According to Direct Mail News, in 2012 the average response rate for direct mail was 4.4% for both business-to-business and business to consumer mailings—considerably higher than industry expectations, and surging past electronic mail’s response rate of just 0.12%….With a higher conversion rate than any other medium, the Print on Demand Institute (PODI) found that direct mail out-pulled all other channels tested in terms of conversion rates, both for lead-generating “free” offers and one-step “buy now” offers.” Online Marketing Institute 2013