Free Print Ready For Mailing Labels PDF

Free print ready for mailing labels PDF converts your mailing list into a format so you can print your list on peel and stick labels yourself!

Free PDF Formatted For Labels

Any labels which are 30 on a sheet will work with our PDF. We email you the PDF file. We attach instructions about which labels work best and how to make any adjustments for printing. Call us if you need help. Our customer service team is ready to advise you.

PDF Printing On Labels

Call us with your order number for our Free Print Ready For Mailing Labels PDF : 866-306-8674 or email us : or contact us

Ask us to “add or current resident” under the name & above the address to ensure that the mail piece is always left at the address and not returned to sender if the occupant has moved on. This will reduce the number of non deliverables returned to you. Maximize the impact of the mailing & minimize wastage.

Let LeadsPlease print & ship peel & stick mailing list labels for you.

Do Not Call Telemarketing Regulations

Do Not Call Telemarketing Regulations

Calling consumers?  Follow the Federal Do Not Call telemarketing regulations to be compliant.

Get your business/organization exempt from the Federal  Do Not Call Telemarketing Regulations and get a SAN number (Subscription Account Number). This is available at the Federal Trade Commissions website.

The SAN is renewable every 12 months.

Telemarketers & Sellers must search the Do Not Call Register every 31 days in order to remove from their mailing lists/ call lists the telephone numbers of consumers who have registered.

Only those people/organizations with a valid SAN can call consumers.


Find out more by going to the National Do Not Call Registry :

LeasdsPlease will ask you for a SAN in order to release telephone numbers for consumers. Your SAN and only then will you be provided with a consumer list that includes telephone numbers (where they are available).

Consumers who receive telemarketing calls even though they are on the Do Not Call Registry can file a complaint with the FTC & violators could be fined up to $16,000 for each incident!

Keep your mailing lists/call lists up to date and compliant with the regulations because it could cost you and your business time and money!

7 Tips For A Successful Direct Mail Campaign

7 Tips For A Successful Direct Mail Campaign

1.  Use a Targeted Mailing List  Get your message/promotion for your direct mail campaign in front of the people who are most likely to purchase your product or service.

Targeted Direct Mail
Targeted Direct Mail
  • Find customers who live in your area
  • Find and target customers based on their age, income, home-ownership etc
  • For example: If you own a yoga studio and are looking to mail a postcard that offers a ‘free’ class to every new student, do you think it would be better to mail the postcard to everyone in your state, or to people who are living within 5 miles of your studio and who are women between the ages of 18-65?
  • A targeted direct mail list is proven to increase response rates because it gets your message/promotion in front of the ‘right’ people/businesses that are most likely to want to hear about your products and services.

2. Write a Compelling “Call to Action”

A successful direct mail campaign postcard/flyer/brochure etc must include a compelling ‘call to action’ that drives the reader to ‘act’ and ‘respond’ to your mailing. A ‘call to action’ can be anything from asking your customer to go online to your website and fill out a form, to picking up the phone and calling you before the end of the month, or to stopping by and visiting your store.

No matter what your ‘call to action’ is, it needs to be obvious and compelling, so there’s no doubt in the reader’s mind about what they need to do to be able to take advantage of the promotion that you’re offering them.

3. Give them an Offer they Can’t Refuse

Create a compelling offer that will drive your customers to take action and respond to your message. Your promotion can be ‘buy one get one free’, or ‘$20 off your first order’ or simply a discounted price for a limited time.

The key thing to remember when you’re creating an offer, is that the more valuable and enticing your offer is, the more likely it is that your reader will respond.

Offers with ‘expiration dates’ yield quicker results and drive customers to take action, sooner rather than later.

4. Use Bold, Simple Designs & Layouts

The colors, fonts and images that you use on your mail piece can impact how your customer will respond to your message. After all, first impressions are lasting impressions, and if someone has never heard of your company before, it’s very important for your mail piece to accurately reflect your business, and make you stand out (in a good way!) and leave your reader with a positive, lasting first impression.

Call To Action
Call to action that encourages response

Use the ‘less is more’ principle when it comes to the design and layout of your mailing and use simple bold fonts, hard hitting, punchy copy, and clear appropriate images to engage  your readers and keep them focused on your offer.

5. Be Honest!

Don’t use gimmicks or ‘small print’ to trap your valued customers and potential new clients.

Be honest with them about who you are as a company and what products you offer. Honesty and transparency are paramount and can be the difference between earning a good reputation and building a steady, loyal group of repeat customers, and creating a bad reputation that’s hard to break.

6. Get your Timing Right

Watch your competition closely, learn from their mistakes and keep an eye on their marketing and advertising efforts; boost your marketing campaigns when your competitors are lying low and economizing, and take advantage of the opportunities this creates to win over new customers.

Repeat mailings deliver higher response rates than one-time mailings; when you increase the number of times a customer sees your offer, you also increase the chance that your customer will respond to it. Think about running repeat mailings and sending out one campaign once/week for 3 consecutive weeks to get maximum results.

7. Track your Results

Track your direct mail campaign and the responses you get so that you know how effective each campaign is.

Make sure you ask new customers where they heard about your services – was it online, driving by, or from a postcard mailing? If you run several different marketing campaigns throughout the year, keep track of which campaign delivers the best results and boost the number of mailings on the next campaign and watch your sales soar and your business grow!