Mailing Lists Of People With Home Based Businesses

Get Mailing lists of people with home based businesses.

Want to find people who like to or have to make money from home with their home based businesses?

work from home

Here’s how to build mailing lists of people with home bases businesses:

  1. Build a mailing list by selecting the consumer/residential database.
  2. Choose the geographic area you want to target.
  3. Choose “Opportunity Seekers” to find people most likely to respond to a home based business opportunity.

Opportunity Seekers are people who are interested in business and/or money-making opportunities.

They have purchased magazines, products or services categorized as Opportunity Seekers more than 5 times.

Don’t forget to focus on your marketing design for the best return on investment.

An eye-popping design and a great call to action will give you a better response rate to your direct mail campaign.

Let LeadsPlease help you with your direct mail marketing needs.

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Mobile Barcodes: Who’s Using Them?

Mobile barcodes who’s using them?

Mobile Barcodes (otherwise known as QR Codes  / Quick Response Codes) are popping up all over the place.

You see them on direct mail postcards delivered to your door, on menus at restaurants, in newspapers & magazines, on advertisements at Museums and Airports etc etc. They’re a ‘hot’ new marketing tool that’s gaining in usage and popularity. They look like this:

Mobile barcode who's using them?
Mobile barcode who’s using them?

ScanLife, one of the largest global providers of mobile barcodes, just released a quarterly report that indicates that in March 2013 they reached an all time high, of 6.7 million scans in just 1 month. You can see from this graph how the trend is growing exponentially, year after year.


Here are some other interesting facts about Mobile Barcodes and who’s using them, when they use them, and which ones are most popular:




5 Steps to Create a Website That Both Your Customers & Search Engines Will Love

5 steps to create a website that both your customers & search engines will love.

A lot of our mailing list customers create postcard mailing campaigns in an effort to help drive traffic to their website and boost online sales.

Here’s a great article by Search Engine Watch that can help you create a website that your visitors will find easy to navigate, while also boosting your SEO!

5 steps to create a website that both your customers and search engines will love
5 steps to create a website that both your customers and search engines will love


Mailing Lists For Employment/ Recruitment Agencies

Mailing lists for employment/recruitment agencies.

Whether you offer temporary or seasonal employment opportunities or permanent employment opportunities,

We can help you with your recruitment campaigns to keep your books filled with the brightest and best candidates.

Mailing Lists For Employment Recruitment Agencies
Mailing Lists For Employment Recruitment Agencies

The Specialty List Department at LeadsPlease has a free service to help you build the specialty lists that best meets your requirements

and the requirements of the companies you serve.

Perfect for Employment/Recruitment Agencies looking for people with specific qualifications and experience.

Simply complete the Specialty List Request Form on our website to get started.

We can also help you print and mail your marketing campaigns.

Do you have the Essential Skills of HR Management?

USPS Preferred Place Names

Use USPS preferred place names because it will save you time and money.

  • Use data that includes  USPS preferred  place names to get more of your mail delivered quickly and accurately.
  • Buy mailing lists from LeadsPlease. Receive  top quality addresses in the correct USPS format.
  • Get fewer non deliverable addresses by using data that is cleaned and updated regularly.

Some zip codes are associated with several different City names.  The USPS designates ‘preferred’ and ‘acceptable’ city names to minimize confusion and speed up mail delivery.

  • Validate your addresses.
  • Use the correct address format.
  • Get less mail returned to sender.
  • Use preferred place names.


Add “Or Current Resident” under the name of the addressee and make sure the mail is left at the designated address.

There are 14 different city names associated with zip code 08008 in New Jersey.

The USPS chose 1 ‘preferred’ city name for this zip code (Beach Haven) and 6 other ‘acceptable’ city names (see below).

Use a city name that is either the ‘preferred’ or ‘acceptable’ name. Mail may not be delivered accurately otherwise.

Look-up any zip code in the USA  : USPS Look-Ups.

USPS Preferred Place Names
USPS Preferred Place Names

To Measure or Not to Measure?

To measure or not to measure?

Do you monitor the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts?

A recent article in DM News sparks the topic of today’s post.

According to a recent study by Black Ink and Winsper, 73% of respondents acknowledged that monitor marketing ROI is ‘very important’.

However only 29% of senior marketing leaders who were surveyed, admit that they don’t assess their marketing ROI at all!

Keep track of all your marketing efforts.

Test your different marketing campaigns to see which ones are most successful and profitable so that you can ditch the ones that aren’t winners.

To Measure Or Not To Measure?

A key ingredient for monitoring your direct mail campaigns is having an accurate up to date mailing list.

Mailing Lists for Photographers

Mailing lists for photographers.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Karissa Zimmer Photography.

Karissa came to LeadsPlease to get a targeted mailing list that she could use with her direct mail postcard campaign. The goal of her postcard mailing was to help spread the word about her beautiful photography services, and gain new customers.

Karissa specializes in pre-natal, post-natal, child and family photography, so she didn’t want to send her postcard to ‘everyone’ – it would have been a waste of her precious time and money.

What she really needed, was a targeted, accurate mailing list that would effectively help her reach young mothers in her area, who could afford her photography services.

Karissa created the following targeted mailing list, to help her reach her target market :

  • 10 mile radius around her address
  • Females
  • Married
  • Household Income over $75,000 / year
  • Children in the Home

Mailing Lists For Photographers
Mailing Lists For Photographers

Mailing Lists For Personal Training Trainers Offering Ways To keep Fit

Mailing lists for personal training trainers offering ways to keep fit.

Mailing lists for personal training trainers
Mailing lists for personal training trainers

Are you a Physical Trainer looking to find new clients?

Whether you specialize in exercise for seniors or  children under five we can help you build mailing lists for direct mail marketing.

  • Choose your geographic area with either a radius search around your studio address or select specific counties, cities, zip codes or states.
  • Select and target individuals from a comprehensive selection of demographics.
  • Design the perfect mail piece and target only the people most likely to respond to your message.

The benefits of regular exercise are manifold.

Share the gift of teaching a healthier lifestyle.

How To Print Mailing Labels From a PDF File

It’s quick and easy to print mailing labels from a PDF file. This quick guide shows you how to print Avery 5160 / 8160 mailing labels from a PDF file.

Video: How to Print Mailing Labels from a PDF File

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Print Mailing Labels from a PDF File

Step 1 : Open the Mailing Labels PDF file

Find the Mailing Labels PDF file on your computer, and double-click the file to Open it.

PDF File

If you already have Adobe Reader on your computer, the file will Open after you double-click on the file name.

If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download a free version online : Download Adobe Reader

After you Open the PDF file, it will look something like this:

How to print mailing labels from a PDF File

Step 2 : Go to ‘Print’ & Your Print Settings

When the PDF file is open, you can get to your Print settings in a few different ways:

  • Go to File > Print , or
  • Click the Right button on your mouse and select Print, or
  • Click on the Print icon

Step 3 : Select ‘Actual Size’

  • When your Print settings window is open, scroll down to the section that relates to ‘Scale’ or ‘Size Options’. (The words used to describe this section vary, depending on what program you use to print your labels).
  • Print Settings normally default to the ‘Fit to Page’ option. We want to change this. When you’re printing mailing labels from a PDF file, you need to change the Scale to ‘Actual Size’.
  • After you change the print Scale to ‘Actual Size’, your mailing labels will align properly and print out perfectly.

Step 4 : Print Your Mailing Labels

When you’re ready, put your Avery 5160 / Avery 8160 mailing labels in your printer, and then Print.

Tip: We suggest that you only print 1 page to begin with, so you can make sure everything looks correct before you print ‘All’ your labels.

If you’re having trouble printing your mailing labels, don’t worry; we can print them for you and ship them to you!

Please visit our Labels page for more information and pricing, or call us to place an order: 1 866 306 8674

Other Helpful Information

How To Print Mailing Labels From A PDF File FAQs

[Q]Can I ask LeadsPlease to add information to the labels?[A]Yes you can. For example we can add ‘Or Current Resident’ or the birth month month for Turning 65 lists.

[Q]Can I use any labels as long as they are 30 on a sheet?[A]Yes you can. As long as there are 30 labels on a sheet it will work.

[Q]Do you provide a ‘How To’ document for printing labels from a PDF?[A]Yes we do. When we email you the PDF we attach a ‘How To’ document. If you get stuck please call us +1 866 306 8674 and we can help you!

[Q]What is a PDF file?[A]A PDF File is a “Portable Document File”. These types of files are widely used and are popular when sharing documents, because they maintain a concurrent format, regardless of the type of operating system that you use to open it.

[Q]Can I use this Guide to print different types of mailing labels?[A]Yes! This Guide will help you Print any size Mailing Labels. We used Avery 5160 / 8160 Mailing Labels in our Video and Guide, because those are considered one of the most popular, ‘standard’ size mailing labels.

[Q]When I print my Mailing Labels, the last row of labels gets cut off and they aren’t printing properly. What am I doing wrong?[A]If your Labels are getting cut off at the bottom of the page, it might be because you skipped Step 3 : Select ‘Actual’ Size. If you skip Step 3, your Labels will not be aligned correctly, and some of the Labels will get cut off.

Mailing List of Houses With Swimming Pools

roof top swimming pool

Are you looking for a mailing list of houses with swimming pools?

Are you a service or supply company looking for new customers in your area?

Finding homes with swimming pools in your area is quick and easy.

First build your perfect customer profile.

Then target those perfect customers  in your area using demographic selects like homeowner, income, swimming pool.

eprintwerx_screen_shot_030 2013-01-09, 16_28_59How To Get Your Mailing List Printed On Your Mail Piece.

  • You can get your local mail shop to print the names and addresses directly onto the mail piece and add a postal indicia. Simply email them the excel spreadsheet.
  • If you have already had your mail piece printed and prefer to mail them yourself, you may want to print the names and addresses on peel and stick labels. We recommend using Avery 5160 peel and stick labels or any generic version which has 30 labels on a sheet.
  • Don’t forget to add a call to action like ” 10% discount on all swimming pool supplies while stocks last” or “first swimming pool service call free”.