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Mailing Lists For Dance Classes With

Mailing Lists for dance classes with

It is easy to build a targeted mailing list with LeadsPlease for Dance Classes. Here’s how:

  • Select the Consumer/Residential database.
  • Choose the geographic area you want to target. Tip: the radius search makes it easy to target people close to you.
  • Choose presence of children to find families with children in the age range you teach.
  • Choose age to find adults in the age range you teach.
  • Select income to make sure people can afford your dance classes.
Mailing Lists For Dance Classes
Mailing Lists For Dance Classes


Need help designing and mailing a direct mail campaign?

Addressing Mail Piece for Direct Mail Campaign

Addressing mail piece for direct mail campaign.

The dilemma…to add “or current resident” or “or current occupant” to your direct mail piece …or not?

When you add “or current resident” under the name of the person you are mailing to you will allow the USPS to leave that mail piece at the address even if the person to whom it is addressed has moved.

Addressing Mail Piece For Direct Mail
Addressing Mail Piece For Direct Mail

The plus here is that your message still gets to someone at that address and the print & mailing costs are not wasted because the USPS has not returned the mail piece to the sender.

A Pizza Delivery Service giving a “buy one, get one free” offer may find this a perfectly acceptable marketing strategy because anyone in that household may respond to their offer.

The downside needs thinking about.

A cosmetic company for example offering a free consultation/sample of moisturizer for a mature skin will want to make sure that only females 50+ with income of 175+ are targeted as they are most likely to respond to their special personal offer.

Once you add “or current resident” your mail piece is no longer personal to the recipient.

You can no longer be sure that your targeted demographics will apply to the person at the address.

You cannot know which names have moved and you cannot update your customer list.

Your customer list is downgraded in terms of quality.

As a good quality customer list accounts for 50% of the success of a direct mail campaign, it pays to update & maintain it.

Need ideas?

It also pays to use a quality list vendor

Targeted Marketing & Database Management Drives Sales

Targeted marketing & database management drives sales.

Targeted Marketing
Targeted Marketing

Managing, updating & analyzing  your data  is well worth the effort.

It helps us target the customers who are most likely to respond to the services we offer and helps us decide which of the marketing tools will be most effective.

From Direct Mail  to Facebook  the message is the same.

  • Know what you are offering your customers.
  • Make your content relevant and personal to your targeted audience.
  • Collect targeted information from your customers.
  • Analyse & segment your data  for cross-platform application.
  • Tailor your data not only to the customers you need to reach but to the tools that will carry your marketing message.

Great article from Direct Marketing News

Non Profit USPS Postal Discounts

Non profit USPS postal discounts.

If you are a ‘Not For Profit Non Profit Organization’ you can apply to the USPS for a special postal rate.

Apply for this non profit postal discount using the USPS  “Application to Mail at Non Profit Standard Mail Prices”

Start saving on postal rates for all direct mailing.

Don’t forget that a good quality, reliable mailing list is essential for curbing wastage.

LeadsPlease gets a completely fresh database every 30 days.

Fundraising For Not For Profits within the FTC Rules

Fundraising for not for profitsFundraising for not for profits within the FTC Rules

  • Tips to help not for profits keep within the FTC rules.
  • Tips for online fundraising
  • If you are a ‘Not For Profit Non Profit Organization’ you can apply to the USPS for a special postal rate. You can apply for this non profit postal discount using the USPS  “Application to Mail at Non Profit Standard Mail Prices” and start saving on postal rates for all direct mailing.

  • Call Leadsplease for a Not For Profit Discount for email and direct mail marketing +1 866 306 8674

Sensitive Data Marketing Review

Reviewing Sensitive Data marketing offers is an industry best practice.

If you plan to purchase a list that includes a Sensitive Data* item, you will not be able to view/download your mailing list until you have emailed or faxed us a copy of the marketing material (postcard etc) that you plan to use with the mailing list.

The review process is quick and easy:
  • Place your list order online
  • Email / Fax us with:
    • Copy of your mailing piece
    • Order Reference #
    • First & Last Name
  • We will review your mailing piece and then email you back with a link to your list.

Email : / Fax : +1 (775) 201 3423

Ensure your marketing material:
  • Identifies the name and contact information for the company making the offer
  • Does not include reference to selection criteria used or presumed knowledge about the consumer
  • Is not untrue, deceptive or fraudulent
  • Is clear, honest, accurate and complete
  • Does not extend offers of credit or insurance or suggest that recipient is approved, pre-approved, pre-qualified, pre-selected, etc.
  • Is not obscene, vulgar, profane, abusive or disparaging
  • By reasonable standards would not be offensive

Please Call Us on 866 306 8674 for more information

Charity Donor Mailing Lists

Charity Donor mailing lists help fund raisers, businesses and non-profit organizations reach people who are active charity donors.

Charity Donors are people who have donated to charitable causes in the past 12 months.

They are active members of their communities, they like to help-out and participate in community events and are often eager to help fund and give money to charitable causes.

Charity donors make contributions to a wide variety of charitable causes, including Animal Shelters, Wildlife Sanctions, Environmental Causes, Child Services, Homeless Shelters & Services, Medical Missions (AIDS, Cancer etc), Religious Groups, and Political causes.

Build your Charity Donor Mailing List Now

Businesses that use Charity Donor Mailing Lists:

  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Churches

Examples :

  • If a Nonprofit organization needs to target Charity Donors across the country,  then they must seek monetary contributions to help their cause.
  • If a Church is holding a community ‘Feed the Homeless’ event and they need to reach Charity Donors in the area, then they will need to find people who may like to participate or help fund the event.

Build your Charity Donor Mailing List Now

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Car Owner Mailing Lists

Car Owner Mailing Lists

Car owner mailing lists help businesses identify & target potential new customers based on the type of car that they drive.

Automobile mailing lists are perfect for Car Dealerships, Auto Service & Repair Shops and Auto Insurance Agents across the USA.

The LeadsPlease Automobile database is the most accurate and largest automobile marketing database in the industry, and contains 110 Million + car drivers across the country.

Car Owner Mailing Lists
Car Owner Mailing Lists

Car Owner Mailing List Selects:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Title Date
  • Age
  • Income
  • Gender
  • And many more…

Buy Car Owner Mailing Lists – 1 (866) 306-8674

Businesses that use Car Owner Mailing Lists:

  • Car Dealerships
  • Auto Service & Repair Shops
  • Insurance Agents

Examples :

  • A VW Car Dealership wants to target all VW car owners in 20 miles of the dealership, and let them know about the release of a new make/model.
  • An Auto Repair store wants to reach drivers who have a cat that is 5+ years old and mail them a discount on a 100,000+ mile service.
  • An Insurance Agent wants to target High End car drivers (like Mercedes & Porsche) and inform them about their eligibility for a unique, new type of Auto Insurance.

Buy Car Owner Mailing Lists – 1 (866) 306-8674

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Car Owner Mailing Lists FAQs

[Q]Can I target car owners with the make of car they drive?[A]Yes you can. We have an automotive database which is updated monthly and you can specify the exact make of car the car owners drive.

[Q]Can I order a car owners mailing list on your website?[A]No you can’t. This would be a specialty list and our researchers can do this for you. Please call us +1 866 306 8674 and we can help!

[Q]What guarantee do you have for deliverability and accuracy of your business data?[A]We guarantee 93% deliverability/accuracy for our car owner mailing lists

Mailing Lists for Home Improvement and Home Service Businesses

LeadsPlease helps 1000’s of Home Improvement & Home Services companies across the USA find new customers and boost sales.

We understand how important it is for Cleaning Companies, Garden/Lawn Care, Plumbing Contractors, Painters, and Pool Services to stay connected with local Homeowners and inform them about your services and products. We know what it takes to build an accurate mailing list that specifically targets potential Home Service / Home Improvement customers.

Home Services & Home Improvement selections:

  • Homeowners
  • Home Value
  • Age of the Home
  • Household Annual Income
  • Size of the Home – Square Footage
  • New Homeowners
  • New Movers
  • Length of Residence
  • Homes closest to an address

Get ahead of the competition and start targeting Homeowner’s who are looking for Home Improvement and Home Maintenance services.

Get new customers – Build your mailing list online today!

1 (866) 306-8674