How to grow a church congregation. Reach out to neighbors new and old using targeted church direct mail marketing.

Buy Church Mailing Lists For Marketing
How To Grow a Church congregation with Church mailing lists.
  • How to grow a church congregation. Customize your list to coordinate with your marketing campaign. For example: If you are promoting your Sunday school classes you will need to select “families with children” in the appropriate age ranges so that you reach the right audience.
  • Get an accurate mailing list from a data source that is cleaned and updated regularly.
  • Target the people living and working in an area around your church because people feel more comfortable when they stay in their own local area. Draw a radius around your church address and select the precise number of miles or parts of a mile you need. This lets you control your budget and the geographic area you are targeting.
  • Choose from a variety of selects to target specific denominations, affiliations or ministry types.
  • Expand your congregation by marketing to New Home Owners and New Movers in your targeted area.

How To Save Marketing $$$

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How To Grow A Church Congregation With Direct Mail

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