Direct Mail Lists Of People Turning 65

Direct Mail Lists Of People Turning 65

There are 75 million baby boomers on the verge of turning 65 and retirement. This creates massive opportunities to market your services to the turning 65 age group. People turning 65 will be planning for retirement and looking  for information from Insurance Companies, Retirement Homes, Financial Planners, Healthcare Services, Legal Services and Prescription Drug Companies to name a few.

Broken down, that is 10,000 people turning 65 every day for the next 19 years. This is a huge sales opportunity.

How Targeted Direct Mail Lists Of People Turning 65 Can Help You Fill Your Sales Pipeline.

For example if you are an insurance agent specializing in Medicare Insurance, you will need to offer services that directly benefit those turning 65 at the right time. To be more precise in your targeting you can combine the turning 65 selects with other common choices like gender, income, home ownership, marital status to name a few.

You can create and download targeted mailing lists by birth month and ensure that you market your services to the right people at the right time. Seniors will be looking for those services which could directly benefit them at this time in their lives.

5 Tips For Creating A Turning 65 Direct Mail Campaign

  • You will need a Direct Mail List Of People Turning 65 which is accurate and updated.
  • Add additional selects to the turning 65 by birth month to be more precise in your targeting.
  • Make sure you offer services that will benefit the turning 65 age group directly.
  • Get your message out before people turn 65 to give them a chance to compare services.
  • Be personal. Try a hand written note approach.

5 Easy Steps To Direct Mail-Email Marketing

5 Easy Steps to Direct Mail Marketing

Ever wondered if your direct mail-email marketing is really part of 21st century marketing?

We all try to compare email marketing with direct mail marketing but here is the problem.

The fastest way to engage our customers may not be a one step approach where we blast an email to all our customers and consider the job done. We need to work at combining best direct mail marketing practices with the best email marketing practices.

Consider using both direct mail and email to excite and engage your customers.

Engage With Direct Mail

  1. A creative, interesting  mail piece design will encourage a second look.
  2.  Accurate regularly updated direct mail and email lists are essential to a successful direct mail-email marketing campaign.
  3. Hand stamp. There are plenty of options from the USPS.
  4. Keep the approach personal. Hand write. If someone thinks they are part of a mass mailing effort they may think twice about reading your mail piece.
  5. Be colorful. A mail piece that is opened or read needs to stand out.


Backup With Email

  1. Keep your email contacts updated.
  2. Only email when you have something real to offer.
  3. Use email to back up your direct mail campaign. For example mail a coupon code for use on your website or to bring into your store. Email customer to remind them that the coupon code is expiring.
  4. Keep personal and use the customer’s name.
  5. Give your customer a reason to keep coming back to your website.