Church Direct Mail Marketing

Church Direct Mail Marketing

It’s fall and time to reach out again to neighbors new and old by using church direct mail marketing for growth in your area.

Direct mail marketing is a great way to achieve this.

Find New Neighbors Easily

  1. Get an accurate mailing list from data that is updated regularly.
  2. Select the new movers in your search.
  3. Choose the exact city, county, zip code or state you need.
  4. Make sure your list provider offers you a Not For Profit Discount!

Find Old Neighbors Easily

  1. Get an accurate mailing list from data that is updated regularly.
  2. Select the consumer database in your search.
  3. Either draw a radius around your Church address or
  4. Select specific city, county, zip code,state.
  5. Select any other demographics you need like families with children or charity donors.
  6. Make sure you ask for a Not For Profit Discount!

LeadsPlease Can:

  1. Provide an accurate mailing list which is updated every 30 days.
  2. Print & Mail Your Church Direct Mail Marketing Campaign!

Add one of the new USPS Fall Stamps for a personal touch!

Call us for a quote and don’t forget to ask for a Not For profit Discount!  866 306 8674


Targeted Direct Mail

Targeted Direct Mail That Gets Results

How do you decide if your customers will benefit from receiving targeted direct mail?

Here is a great HubSpot resource to help you decide.

Some Advantages Of Using Targeted Direct Mail:

  •  Clone only your best customers and target those most likely to use or buy your product because these people will be most likely to place an order.
  • Targeted direct mail reduces wastage and as a result saves you money.
  • A compelling “call to action” encourages your customers to communicate with you and as a result this makes completing an order an easier task.
  • Targeted direct mail will be retained long after a cold call is forgotten .

Appreciate your customers with a “Thank You For Your Business” by offering a coupon code for their next order.

You can make your direct mail piece personal by adding a physical stamp and handwriting the text.