Consumers Prefer Direct Mail Over Email

A recent study by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) found that Consumers still prefer to receive print / direct mail advertising over email.

According to the DMA, 79% of Consumers will react to direct mail advertising immediately, in comparison to only 45% of consumers who say they react immediately to email advertisements.

The study also found that 56% of consumers think that print marketing and direct mail, is the most trust worthy of all advertising communication channels.


Find New Movers In Your Area For Direct Mail Marketing

Many sectors of the economy are impacted by the people who move every day across cities, counties and across states.

The US Census website has some great stats and now have mobile apps. Worth a visit!

If you are in any service industry from house cleaning and yard services to childcare or insurance (you may be an Insurance Agent looking for New Movers turning 65.) you will want to know where the people moving into your area are.


Finding New Movers opens up  new avenues of revenue and using reliable, accurate data to mail to them cuts marketing costs.

At the end of the day we need to relax knowing we have done a good job finding the most reliable and accurate data to reach people most likely to use our services.


Clever Direct Mail Targets Cats & Cat Owners

A Canadian advertising agency recently worked with a local cat liter company on a direct mail campaign to help boost sales.Their goal was to reach cat owners in the surrounding area, and convince them to purchase their cat liter, over the competitors’.

They came up with an ingenious way to attract cat owners and their cats – catnip-scented direct mail!

The cats became so excited by the catnip-scented mail pieces, it was hard for owners not to take notice! What a clever and unique way to make their direct mail piece stand out and get noticed!

Check out the video here: