3 Ways Direct Mail is Delivering What Google Doesn’t for Small Businesses

3 ways direct mail is delivering what Google doesn’t for small businesses.

3 Ways That Direct Mail Is Delivering What Google Doesn't For Small Businesses
3 Ways That Direct Mail Is Delivering What Google Doesn’t For Small Businesses

As Google gets bigger and bigger, a common misconception is that online advertising is the marketing tool that yields the highest ROI with the least amount of money and effort. But experienced direct mail gurus like Dan Kennedy & Craig Simpson, are quick to slap down those common misconceptions. They quickly prove that direct mail is still an extremely effective and affordable way to reach wide audiences in ways that Google cannot.

Simpson claims that there are 3 simple things that Google doesn’t  do, that a successful direct mail campaign does:

  1. Direct Sales. They happen when people aren’t shopping.
  2. Sole Focus. An online search never lists just you.
  3. Guarantee. Buying online ads doesn’t mean people will see them.

and 3 simple ways to make sure your direct mail will be delivered and opened.

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