USPS Holiday Gift Returns

USPS holiday gift returns.

Tips for how to increase customer loyalty with an easy and transparent returns policy.

Did Santa bring you everything on your ‘wish list’ this Christmas?

If not, and you have a few gifts to return, you should checkout the new tools available through the USPS website.

This year the Post Office is making it quicker and easier to pay, print and ship a package from home.

Learn how to make it easier for your customer to return items.

USPS Holiday Gift Returns

5 Ways Retailers Can Attract Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

5 ways retailers can attract last minute holiday shoppers.

Recent Gallup polls show that the average US Household will spend about $740 on Christmas holiday gifts this year. That’s ~ a $35 increase from their November budget estimates, but it’s still down in comparison to the average household spend in 2012. (GallupThis means even more competition among retailers !

So attention all Retailers! Here are 5 ways to attract last minute Christmas holiday shoppers :

1. Extend your hours – Open early and close late!

2. Entice shoppers with an offer or discount that’s hard to refuse.

3. Give away something for free! Even if it’s a something small.

4. Offer a money-back-guarantee.

5. Offer different payment options, including Lay-Away for large purchases.


Use direct mail to let your customers know what to expect from your holiday offering.

Use an accurate up to date targeted mailing list and always have a compelling ‘call to action’

5 ways retailers can attract last minute shoppers
Call to action that encourages response

Get Your Holiday Offer in the Mail!

Get your Holiday Offer in the mail!

Are you planning a Holiday Mailing this year? If you’ve already launched your campaign, well done!

Mail it far enough in advance to encourage those early holiday shoppers.

If you haven’t had a chance to mail your campaign yet:

  • check out out tips for using a targeted mailing list
  • creating a responsive mail piece to get your message or product in front of your targeted audience.
  • Create a ‘call to action’ that won’t be ignored
Get your holiday offer in the mail
Get your holiday offer in the mail

Holiday Offers are a great way to reach out to current customers and potential new ones. People are expecting to see promotions around this time of year, and you want to make sure they know about all your great offers!

4 Quick Tips to Designing a Successful Direct Mail Flyer