Direct Mail Still Outperforms Emails

The truth is, direct mail still way out performs email and sees a much higher return on investment. 

A big misconception is that email is a quicker, easier, and cheaper way to find new customers, over the more traditional direct mail advertising. But the truth is, email campaigns are still extremely complex and cumbersome to distribute, and not as inexpensive as most people imagine. 

Although direct mail is the more traditional form of direct marketing, it’s proven to work…and most importantly, it still outperforms email with a much, much higher return on investment.

“According to Direct Mail News, in 2012 the average response rate for direct mail was 4.4% for both business-to-business and business to consumer mailings—considerably higher than industry expectations, and surging past electronic mail’s response rate of just 0.12%….With a higher conversion rate than any other medium, the Print on Demand Institute (PODI) found that direct mail out-pulled all other channels tested in terms of conversion rates, both for lead-generating “free” offers and one-step “buy now” offers.” Online Marketing Institute 2013