Zip Codes Are 50 Years Old!

Ever wondered how Zip Codes came about?

In 1963 a  Mr Zip  marketing campaign was launched in an effort to improve the sorting and delivery of mail nationwide.

This makes Zip Codes 50 years old!


The Zoning Improvement Plan (ZIP) was devised to help speed up the sorting and delivery of mail by using numbers to represent regions, cities, post offices & neighborhoods.

This is how a 5 digit postal code is broken down.

The first digit represents an area in the country.

The next 2 digits represent a central postal facility in the area.

The last 2 digits represent a post office or postal zone.


Comic books were used to inform us about how the new zip code plan would be used.

zip code comic

The Zoning Improvement Plan continues to help us get our direct mail campaigns to their destinations efficiently and on time.

Of course, any successful direct mail campaign depends on a good quality mailing list! can help you build mailing lists by zip code.

Now that was easy!

mr zip circle

Credits to The Postal Museum which recounts the history of the postal service with entertaining videos and charming graphics!


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