The Future of the USPS

Here’s an interesting InfoGraphic by NumberSleuth : “A World without the Post Office“.

NumberSleuth is trying to illustrate the decline of the Post Office and the eventual replacement of ‘mail’ with ‘e-mail’.

It’s true that the USPS is cutting back on delivery schedules, but there’s no evidence to prove that email will replace physical mail. The ‘end’ of direct mail isn’t anywhere close in sight. In fact, on the contrary, studies continue to prove that Consumers prefer the more interactive, personal experience of walking to the mailbox and opening their mail over clicking a mouse and opening an email. And guess what?! If people prefer direct mail over email, it’ll be sticking around!

A recent article in Forbes magazine titled ‘Direct Mail: Alive and Kicking‘ highlights the results of Target Marketing’s recent study on the effectiveness of direct mail – they proved, through numerous studies, that Direct Mail continues to deliver the strongest ROI for customer acquisition for B2C marketers, over email.

According to DM News  the direct mail industry is expected to grow 1.4% annually for the next 5 yrs to $13.8 billion!

What do you think ?