Mailing Lists Of PeopleTurning 65

Looking for people who are turning 65?

Turning 65 Years Old

  • You may be an insurance agency trying to find people turning 65 by birth month for Medicare Marketing.
  • You may simply want to market your products to people turning 65.

For example:

: Financial & Insurance Services

: Optical Services

: Health Care

: Adult Living

: Adult Education

: Adult Fitness

There are approximately 8000  people turning 65 every day!

Get your marketing materials to these people ahead of the competition.

Find exactly the target ages and specific demographic selects you are looking for.

We can help you with a complete package of mailing list, printing & mailing services!

Mailing Lists For Employment/ Recruitment Agencies

Whether you offer temporary or seasonal employment opportunities or permanent employment opportunities,

we can help you with your recruitment campaigns to keep your books filled with the brightest and best candidates.

targeted The Specialty List Department at LeadsPlease has a free service to help you build the specialty lists that best meets your requirements

and the requirements of the companies you serve.

Perfect for Employment/Recruitment Agencies looking for people with specific qualifications and experience.

Simply complete the Specialty List Request Form on our website to get started.

We can also help you print and mail your marketing campaigns.

Check out the 2013 Best Practices For Recruitment and Recognition at the HR Daily Advisor.

Mailing Lists For Tax Service Businesses

Find businesses looking for tax preparation, tax advice or tax filing services.

Build an accurate mailing list targeting  ideal clients in your area.


Target businesses by choosing demographic selects like  industry, number of employees, annual sales.


Don’t forget :

  • To use your existing customer base. The 80/20 Rule applies!
  • To include a hard hitting  ‘call to action’  like “Use Coupon Code TAX2013 For 20% Discount Valid Until 4/30”
  • To monitor the responses and update your customer mailing list. The success of your marketing campaign depends on the quality and accuracy of your data.

LeadsPlease has 3 steps to building a targeted mailing list:

  1. Choose the database you want to work in.
  2. Choose the geographic criteria.
  3. Choose the demographic criteria.

A Highly Effective Way to Avoid Wasting Your Time

This is a great easy-to-read, short article by Entrepreneur Bruce Kasanoff, highlighting how we can stop repeating daily tasks, and avoid wasting our precious time.

Bruce suggests keeping a record of your daily activities so you can quickly review how you spend your time each day, hour by hour. All you need is a pen and paper!

It’s simple, witty and to the point, and could help everyone organize their day a little more efficiently!



Mailing List Marketing Strategy For New Movers

Build a solid foundation for your Marketing Strategy with good quality accurate data.

LeadsPlease  has a 95% Deliverability/Accuracy Guarantee.

Design a ‘eye catching’ marketing piece with a stunning call to action.


Easily find New Movers in your area and add them to your customer list.

Clean and update your database regularly.

Make sure all mail pieces are correctly addressed.

Companies that benefit from contacting new movers in their area may be:

  • Garden/Lawn Services
  • Pool Services
  • Child Care services
  • Dentist/Doctor Offices
  • Churches

Be the first to contact these new movers with your marketing materials and have your services out in front.

Getting Ready for Summer: Summer Camp Mailings

Are you a school, church, activity center or camp that offers special summer camp classes for children?

If so, now’s the perfect time to start designing and mailing your summer camp mailers!

Spring break is over and children are heading back to school so parents are back on track and starting to think about the next holiday – summer! So now’s a great time to reach out to them and let them know where you are and about all your fun-filled summer programs.

LeadsPlease can help you find families with children in your area.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Baltimore Clayworks, a non-profit ceramics art center in Baltimore MD. They visited LeadsPlease in search of a targeted mailing list to promote their fun, summer ceramics classes for kids. They kindly shared a copy of their artwork with us, and it’s another perfect example of an eye-popping, compelling mailing piece.

Hopefully Baltimore Clayworks will help inspire you when creating your own summer camp mailing!

Get a Mailing List of Families



USPS Preferred Place Names

All LeadsPlease mailing lists include  USPS ‘preferred’ and ‘acceptable’ city names only.

This means that when you buy mailing lists from LeadsPlease, you are receiving  top quality addresses, formatted in accordance with USPS requirements. This ensures that more of your mail will get delivered quickly and accurately.

Some zip codes are associated with several different City names, so the USPS designates ‘preferred’ and ‘acceptable’ city names to minimize confusion and speed up mail delivery.

For example : there are 14 different city names associated with zip code 08008 in New Jersey. That’s a lot of different city names! So the USPS chose 1 ‘preferred’ city name for this zip code (Beach Haven) and 6 other ‘acceptable’ city names (see below). If you use a city name that is not either the ‘preferred’ or ‘acceptable’ city name on your mailing piece, your mail may not be delivered accurately.

You can look-up any zip code in the USA by visiting the USPS site online : USPS Look-Ups.


To Measure or Not to Measure?

Do you measure the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts?

A recent article in DM News sparks the topic of today’s post.

According to a recent study by Black Ink and Winsper, 73% of respondents acknowledged that measuring marketing ROI is ‘very important’, but only 29% of senior marketing leaders who were surveyed, admit that they don’t measure their marketing ROI at all!

Don’t forget to keep track of all your marketing efforts. Test your different marketing campaigns to see which ones are most successful and profitable so you can ditch the ones that aren’t winners.