Mailing List Edits How To Change The Case Text In Excel

Mailing List edits how to change the case text in excel.

LEADSPLEASE  mailing lists are available for instant download in Excel (CSV file format).

You will need to be able to format your lists in ways that make sense for your marketing plans for example: If you are an insurance agent mailing to people who are aging into medicare it will make sense to sort your list by birth month. This allows you to mail out in batches for each month easily according to your budget and also to keep a careful track of your responses.

Sometimes customers also need to know how to change the case text for mail merge.

Excel is very user friendly and can be sorted in a variety of ways but if you need to know how to edit the case text in Excel the Microsoft support website is the place to go!

LeadsPlease can help you format your list for printed labels and can help you sort your list by for example zip code, state, birth month and so on.

Get your mailing list formatted for printing your own labels.

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