4 Quick Tips to Designing a Successful Direct Mail Flyer

Explosion Dance Studio recently came to LeadsPlease in search of a targeted marketing mailing list for their direct mail campaign. The goal of their mailing, was to send a flyer to Families with Children over 3 yrs old, who live in a 2.5 mile radius of their dance studio; Families who would be most interested in having their children attend dance classes. Explosion Dance Studio kindly shared their mailing piece with us, and wow, is it a good one! It has all the key ingredients for a successful mailing :

  • Dramatic, eye-popping photos
  • Easy-to-read message
  • Clear Call-to-Action
  • Bold offer – $10 off + Free T-Shirt

This is a mailing piece that would definitely catch your eye and demand attention and response!

Well done Explosion Dance Studio!


4 thoughts on “4 Quick Tips to Designing a Successful Direct Mail Flyer”

  1. I agree, very well done. A QR code might have also benefited them as well. I do like how they used specific colors like red and yellow to highlight those things they wanted them to read at first glance.

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