Mailing Lists For Families With Children – How To Interpret The Data

We can help you to interpret your mailing list where you ordered data for families with the presence of children.

When you download your mailing list from LeadsPlease you will see that it is in an excel format.

You will see column headings in the CSV file that relate to the “age buckets” you selected.

For example:

AD          AE          AF

C79        C1012   C1315

1Y          5Y          1Y

5N          1Y          5N

5Y          1Y          5U

5N          5U          1Y

1Y          1Y          1Y

1Y          5N          5N

In the above mailing list example, the presence of families with children was selected for 3 “age buckets” 7 to 9 and 10 to 12 and 13 to 15 – years old. Had we chosen additional “age buckets” then those would also be in the CSV file.

For example – the heading “c79” relates to the “age bucket selected “ages 7 to 9 etc.

How to interpret the information:

1Y – Known data – positive confirmation has been received that children are in the household for this “age bucket”

5N – Not likely to have a child in this “age bucket”

5U – Modeled methods indicate as not likely to have a child in this “age bucket”

5Y – Modeled methods indicate as likely to have a child in this “age bucket”

Importantly – you will always have at least “1Y” per row (household) – meaning that there is a child in the home in the “age brackets” you selected.

You can perhaps look at the non-1Y data as being a bonus – additional information should you wish to use that.

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