Mailing List Data Hygiene Improves Direct Mail ROI

Mailing List data hygiene improves direct mail ROI.

When we spend a lot of time and money building a direct mail campaign, we expect our direct mail pieces to arrive in the mail boxes of the people on our mailing list.


but this is heavily dependent on the quality of our mailing list.

This is where Data Hygiene comes in and here are a few things we need to focus on:

Mailing List Data Hygiene
Mailing List Data Hygiene Improves Direct Mail ROI
  1. Correct and validate addresses before mailing .
  2. Eliminate duplicates.
  3. Remove people who have moved from your mailing list.
  4. Make sure apartment/suite numbers are included as part of the address.
  5. Incomplete addresses can be deemed ‘non deliverable‘.

Keeping your data accurate and up to date saves you money on printing and mailing costs.

Use a targeted mailing list to ensure you only mail to people who are likely to respond to your message/product.

Targeted Marketing
Mailing List Data Hygiene Improves Targeted Response