Addressing Mail Piece for Direct Mail Campaign

Addressing mail piece for direct mail campaign.

The dilemma…to add “or current resident” or “or current occupant” to your direct mail piece …or not?

When you add “or current resident” under the name of the person you are mailing to you will allow the USPS to leave that mail piece at the address even if the person to whom it is addressed has moved.

Addressing Mail Piece For Direct Mail
Addressing Mail Piece For Direct Mail

The plus here is that your message still gets to someone at that address and the print & mailing costs are not wasted because the USPS has not returned the mail piece to the sender.

A Pizza Delivery Service giving a “buy one, get one free” offer may find this a perfectly acceptable marketing strategy because anyone in that household may respond to their offer.

The downside needs thinking about.

A cosmetic company for example offering a free consultation/sample of moisturizer for a mature skin will want to make sure that only females 50+ with income of 175+ are targeted as they are most likely to respond to their special personal offer.

Once you add “or current resident” your mail piece is no longer personal to the recipient.

You can no longer be sure that your targeted demographics will apply to the person at the address.

You cannot know which names have moved and you cannot update your customer list.

Your customer list is downgraded in terms of quality.

As a good quality customer list accounts for 50% of the success of a direct mail campaign, it pays to update & maintain it.

Need ideas?

It also pays to use a quality list vendor