4 Cost-Cutting Direct Mail Tips

4 Cost-Cutting Direct Mail Tips

Cut Back on Design Costs

  1. Maximize your Paper Usage- Speak to your printer/graphic designer about adjusting the size of your mail piece so that you take full advantage of each printed sheet of paper and ultimately, lower your print costs.
  2. Paper Stock – You can cut costs dramatically just by choosing the ‘right’ paper stock that meets your marketing needs and the size of your pocket. Double check with your printer about the cost of various paper stocks and save $100’s by cutting back on expensive, heavy, glossy paper.
  3. Know What You Want – Help your graphic designer understand exactly what you want and lower your design costs by giving them examples of the type of mail piece you’d like to create. Some designers will give you a break on pricing if you know what you want and are willing to forgo them building you a design from scratch.
  4. Shop Around! Don’t want to pay for an expensive graphic designer? Do some research online and find a direct mail company who offers a reasonable rate for your direct mail project. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have a first-time-customer discount! You’ll be happily surprised when they do.

Save on Postage

Postage can’t be avoided, but what a lot of people don’t know, is that you can dramatically lower your postage fees by keeping a close eye on several factors that directly affect your postage rates.

  1. Size – The height, length and width of your mail piece all directly affect the cost of your postage. The larger your mail piece, the more you will pay. So think about how you can shrink your mail piece and benefit from lower postage fees.
  2. Weight- Weight also directly affects the cost of postage. So be careful not to weigh your mail piece down with heavy inserts or unnecessary gimmicks. Could you ‘slim’ down your direct mail piece by using a postcard instead of an expensive, multi-page brochure? Could you switch from using a heavy, laminated paper stock, to a less expensive, lighter paper?
  3. Speed of Delivery – Plan ahead and use Standard Class (as opposed to 1st Class mail) and cut costs associated with speedy delivery.
  4. Bulk / Commercial mail – The USPS offers significantly lower postage rates for individuals and businesses that  direct mail in bulk and follow the USPS Bulk/Commercial mail guidelines. If you’re planning on mailing 500+ pieces several times each year, or if you’re thinking about a one-time large scale mailing of 5,000+ pieces to promote your new store, Bulk/ Commercial mail might be right for you.
  5. The USPS offers significantly lower pricing for pre-sorted bulk/commercial mail because you will be saving them time and money by pre-sorting the mail and taking other necessary steps that they would otherwise charge you for.
  6. Click here to learn more about USPS Bulk/Commercial mail.

Use a ‘Clean’ Mailing List

Use a ‘clean’, high-quality, accurate mailing list and save money on ‘returned’ or ‘undeliverable mail’.

  1. Do Your Research – If you want to purchase a new mailing list of potential sales leads, take the time to do some research and find a reliable mailing list company that guarantees quality, ‘clean’ data.
  2. Quality over Quantity – Use a quality direct mailing list, and you’ll maximize the number of prospects who will receive your mailing and in turn, boost your response rates.

Always Be Testing!

Testing is extremely important, because without it, you’ll never truly understand what you did that helped increase sales, and what you did that didn’t.

Keep track of your customer responses, ask them questions when you speak to them, and if you’re sending out multiple mailings each year, make sure you take note of which mailings bring about the best response and ROI so you can use the same ‘offer’ or ‘design’ next time around!

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