3 Tricks to Writing an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Direct mail is all about the ‘hook’ and the few-seconds-long opportunity to pitch your product and stop your reader in their tracks. When you only have a couple of seconds to ‘wow’ them with your promotion and services, you want to make sure that your ‘offer’ is as strong and punchy as possible. The 3 essential ingredients for a powerful promotion are: an offer they can’t refuse, a precise ‘call to action’, and a clear not-so-distant deadline.

Wow, that Offer’s GOOD!

Give your reader an offer they can’t refuse and you’ll win their business and watch your sales soar! A compelling offer will drive your customers to take action and respond to your direct mail message and could lead to a happy and loyal, repeat-customer.

A simple, hard-hitting offer can differentiate you from the ‘junk mail’ and the ‘save’ pile, so before you settle with a cost-efficient but boring ‘free pen’ promotion, you may want to think twice.

Give away ‘something for free’! Whether it’s a ‘free meal’ or a ‘free consultation’ or a ‘1 month free’, a ‘free’ offer is the best know trick to grabbing customers’ attention and persuading them to try your products and services. If they like what they see, you can bet they’ll be back for more!

Denny’s restaurant recently gave away a ‘free breakfast’ to everyone in the country, for one day only. Think about all the new customers they brought in that day, and think about all the people who quickly learned where their local Denny’s is, and how fast (and good!) their food really is…

Most businesses survive from both a steady flow of repeat customers as well as a fluctuating stream of in-and-out customers. So if you can win-over a new customer with a hard-to-resist offer and they end up coming back for more, the initial investment will be well worth it!

What Do I Do Now?

The second key ingredient to a powerful hard-hitting direct mailing promotion is the ‘call to action’. The last thing you want is your reader wandering ‘well, what do I do now?’, so be sure to ’tell’ them what they need to do to redeem your offer by using a clear and persuasive ‘call to action’.

A successful direct mailing must also include a compelling ‘call to action’ that drives the reader to ‘act’ and ‘respond’ to your mailing. A ‘call to action’ can be anything from asking your customer to go online to your website and fill out a form, to picking up the phone and calling you before the end of the month, or to stopping by and visiting your store.

No matter what your ‘call to action’ is, it needs to be obvious and compelling, so there’s no doubt in the reader’s mind about what they need to do to be able to take advantage of the promotion that you’re offering them.

Give Them a Deadline!

Offers with ‘expiration dates’ yield quicker responses and drive your customers to take action, sooner rather than later.

A lot of businesses make the mistake of giving their readers a non-dated offer with no expiration date; the problem with this is that offers with no expiration dates tend to get forgotten and ultimately un-used.

The key to creating the ‘right’ deadline for your offer is setting an appropriate deadline that nudges the reader to take action in the near future, before they miss-out on this special, limited time promotion.

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