How To Reduce Returned Direct Mail

How to reduce returned direct mail


  1. Make sure your delivery address is USPS compliant.
  2. Validate mail to addresses
  3. Include apartment or suite numbers
  4. Add “Or Current Resident” to delivery addresses
  5. Always use USPS preferred place names
LeadsPlease  shows how to reduce returned direct mail
  • Update mailing lists every 30 days because fresh, accurate data reduces returned mail.
  • Use USPS approved software validates delivery addresses so that fewer mail pieces are returned.
  • USPS approved software ensures use of preferred place names
  • Add “Or Current Resident”  to mailing list
  • Ask for advice on how to create a USPS compliant mail piece
  • Get 95% accuracy/deliverability guarantee with consumer mailing list from LeadsPlease and 90% accuracy/deliverability guarantee with business mailing lists

Go to and see how easy it is to build your mailing lists on line and be USPS compliant .

LeadsPlease can format your mailing list into a ‘print ready for labels’ PDF for free.

How to reduce returned direct mail

Save time and money by making sure you address your mail piece correctly.
  • Always use an accurate updated mailing list because old data will have addresses that are no longer valid.
  • Add ‘Or Current Resident’ to consumer mailing lists in order that the USPS leaves that mail at the delivery address.
  • Be USPS compliant with the mail piece design for example leave enough space for the postal indicia, the address block and the postal bar code.

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