Mailing Lists for Insurance Agents & Brokers

LeadsPlease offers targeted mailing lists for all types of Insurance – Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Group & Individual, Medicare etc. Direct mail has always and still is, the most effective way to educate people about insurance, so Insurance Agents and Brokers turn to LeadsPlease to find the right mailing list that can help them leverage their business and gain new customers.

Life Insurance

The best way to target potential new Life Insurance customers, is to target New Families, Families with Children and Seniors in your local community.

New Families, Families with Children and Seniors are perfect Life Insurance prospects because they are more likely to be interested and concerned about life insurance, than other demographic groups, like singles and young couples without children. LeadsPlease can help you target these households, and help you gain new customers.

Popular mailing list selections for Insurance Agents & Brokers:

  • Households with Children
  • Households with Children of a Specific Age Range or Age
  • Child Gender
  • Household Annual Income
  • Age
  • Home Value
Medicare / Insurance for Seniors

Be the first to reach Seniors who are just about to turn 65 yrs old, and be the first person / agency to let them know about their new insurance options.

If you’re the first Insurance Agent to reach Seniors just before/as they turn 65, you’ll be the most likely person that wins their new business.

LeadsPlease can help you find and target Seniors who are about to turn 65, in any area of the country. You tell us the zips/cities/counties you want to target, and we’ll let you know how many Seniors there are in those areas who are about to turn 65 yrs old. You’ll get an accurate mailing list with all of the Seniors’ Names, Addresses, Ages and Birth Months, so you can plan targeted mailings.

Most Insurance Agents choose to get a list of Seniors who are 3-6 months away from turning 65, so they can catch their attention just before their big birthday.

Auto Insurance

Reach families with new or young drivers or target Households that drive certain types of cars. No matter what your target market is, we can help you find and target the right households and car owners for your next marketing campaign.

Popular LeadsPlease Auto Insurance list selections:

  • Households with Young Drivers Age 15-18 yrs
  • Car Drivers by Make / Model / Year
  • Homeowners
  • Household Income
  • Age

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4 thoughts on “Mailing Lists for Insurance Agents & Brokers”

  1. Hey Jenny great post! I own my own dental practice and plan on moving to the east coast next year. I was wondering if you knew any reliable medical mailing list companies. I got a few different quotes but want to make sure I go with the best company, with the best reputation.

    1. Hi Dylan – Thanks for your comment – if you’re looking for a quality, targeted medical mailing list, you’ve come to the right place – LeadsPlease! 🙂

      We have been in the direct mail industry for 15+ years and specialize in providing targeted, specialty mailing lists that help companies drive successful direct mail campaigns so they can grow their businesses.

      If you like, we’d be more than happy to help you build a targeted mailing list so you can promote your new practice? Feel free to let me know the specific criteria that you’re looking for, and I’d be more than happy to assist you. Jenny

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      A great way to get the ‘word out’ is to create a powerful direct mail campaign, which you can use to target Seniors and drive them towards your websites.

      We can help you get a targeted mailing list with the Names + Addresses of Seniors in your area.

      Give us a call if you have any other questions or would like some help getting started! 1 (866) 306-8674

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