How To Download Your Mailing Lists Without Excel For Free

Want to know how to download your mailing lists without Excel for free?

At Open Office you will find an open source office productivity software suite that is easy to use and free to download.

It comprises of the following:

  • Fully equipped word processor
  • Spreadsheet application
  • Multimedia presentation tool
  • Draw tool for graphics and diagrams
  • Desktop database management
  • Equation editor for text documents

Go to:

Find the spreadsheet application here:

Open office calls it their ‘calc’ project.

You can use Open Office to download your mailing lists without excel for free.

LeadsPlease has 3 easy to use mailing list formats.

  1. Excel CSV file spreadsheet
  2. PDF ready to print mailing label format
  3. Pre-printed peel and stick mailing labels

How to download your mailing lists for free

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LeadsPlease Video Demonstration

LeadsPlease Video Demonstration

Watch the LeadsPlease video demonstration and see how easy it is to build a direct mail list and download it in minutes. Huge choice of demographic selects.

Video demonstration

  • Target geographically by City, County, Zip Code, State or All States.
  • Choose Consumer, Business, New HO, NM Data, In Escrow or Just Listed data.
  • Huge choice of demographic selects.
  • Easy to use mailing formats: Excel CSV Spreadsheet, PDF ready to print label format Pre printed peel and stick mailing labels.
  • Fresh Data updated every 30 days. USPS approved software.
  • 95% consumer data accuracy/deliverability.
  • 90% business data accuracy/deliverability.